The Benevolent Universe.

Last Update: July 05, 2020

Every day, I meditate in the morning and talk to the Universe. I have been doing this for a while now and sometimes wonder why. Having said this I still feel I am getting closer. I am listening and looking far more diligently. Last week I was frustrated about not find affiliate marketing sites I felt were suitable for my needs. "I know" said a voice from the deep, "ask the Universe". I did. The second night I got the nod at 1.30am. Straight to the computer, knew exactly what to ask google, and there in front of me, was what I wanted and I had another similar experience the next day. Coincidence or teamwork. I am sure there is certainly merit in the team work. To celebrate I have written a blog about my understanding of the Universe. Enjoy.

''The Benevolent Universe"

Do you perceive the Universe as benevolent (serving and charitable) or malevolent (hostile and vengeful)? How you perceive the Universe, or life in general, has a significant impact on your alignment to what you desire and ultimately experience in life. As I have found out, your alignment with it has much to do about how you perceive and feel about it.

I have found that It is important to operate under a timeless perspective of co-creation with the Universe. If you have never held any spiritual beliefs, inspiration is not a one way conversation. It has definitely not been as simple as things popping into my head at random, and I make them happen.

How often have we had an idea for a book, product, or project but failed to act on it? We got very excited about it, but did we act on that idea? If we didn't move on it, what stopped us from doing so?

The Creative Universe

My reading and research indicates all creation occurs between us and the Universe. This can be summarized in the following three steps:

  1. The Universe is continually receiving requests and sending inspiration. Once our intention is made known, tune into and listen for inspiration which can come in many forms such as: ideas, insights, inspired thoughts, and even at 1.30 am.
  2. This communication is being filtered through your belief system, which causes us to take a specific set of actions or take no actions at all.
  3. Our creation (whatever it is that you do or make) is the result of how we act on steps one and two. How we read or interpret our creation is also based on our belief system.

When we receive inspiration about creating a knew product, that insight we received comes to us as a gift from the Universe. But often when we think about such ideas, conditioned limiting beliefs cause us to doubt and make judgments about them.

These judgments and doubts create the thoughts and feelings that stop us from acting. Our
mental filter is imposed on them (perspective), telling yourself things like, "I wouldn't know how
to pull that off," or "Where would I get the money?" or "Surely someone else has already
thought of that." As a result, we block inspiration and feel resistant or unmotivated to act.

A Lost Opportunity.

Later, you might notice that someone else created the product. This happens all the time. In the words of best-selling author Joe Vitale, "The Universe likes speed!" Inspiration is continually flowing forth from the Universe, and if you choose to ignore it, or procrastinate acting on it, it won't wait for us. It is up to us to tune into inspiration, quickly act on it, and thus, in a sense, co-create with the Universe.

There are even broader applications to the way the Universe works that extend beyond
innovation and creativity. In fact, in any area of our life in which we desire help or guidance,
the benevolent Universe is listening. We are like a beacon sending out a signal, and the
Universe responds in like kind. But again, our conditioned self-limiting beliefs often get in the
way. For example, we may ask the Universe to help us find our ideal mate. The Universe
nudges you to join a group where we could meet that perfect person. However, you talk
yourself out of it by telling yourself things like, "But I've joined that group before" or, "No one
will ever want me because ... [fill in the blank]."

Don't Reject the Support.

The intelligent Universe is conspiring for us, but our beliefs may cause us to push away, or
even subconsciously reject the support. If we talk ourselves out of acting on inspiration or refuse to be open to exploring knew opportunities and experiences, we may forever remain
stuck and never experience the incredible rewards of personal growth.

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Debbi26 Premium
We have to be quiet to hear the Universe. Often the prompting is subtle. It could come in many forms too....friends, radio, bill board, thought..................

The thing that blocks us from success is often after we do hear/see the prompting but then it's gets sifted through our filters (past, beliefs).

It's helpful to simply remain open and willing to follow but that is hard to do. We have to just keep striving every day.

Great post!!!!!!

sbarrow4 Premium
Thanks Debbi agree with what you say. As usual, always positive and supportive. Thanks heaps.
Have a great day.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
It is best to get rid of "STINKIN THINKIN".
GazBower Premium
Nice to hear from you again Stephen, it seems to have been a while.
Some interesting things for me to ponder on here.
I finished the Wattles material that you sent me and I have bought some other reading materials about the LOA.
Best wishes and take care.
sbarrow4 Premium
Hi Gaz, hope all is good for you. I've been a little selfish and just been focusing on me. Am working my way back. Take care Stephen
GazBower Premium
Taking time for yourself is not being selfish Stephen, it's good to have some ME time.
Glad to hear you are well.
Best wishes my friend.
Dave07 Premium
You can call it many things - the benevolent universe or the power of the mind. Quieting your thoughts will often allow the answer to problems to be revealed.

statius Premium
Great share