Affirmations. Yes Please.

Last Update: May 25, 2020

I have been doing affirmations for only 6 or 7 years. I have to be honest there are some days when I say, why? Dates come and go. I get some, I get close to some. Having done them for a while there is still something about Affirmations that definitely appeal to me. I don’t think they are the magic wand they are supposed to be but they are foundations from which we build our actions to achieve.

Like attracts like. If I'm passionate about something, then my energy will allow me to take action and soon everyone and everything see my passion. That's when you sometimes say, then maybe, just maybe the universe will listen to me.

Unfortunately, affirmations because of their association with many weird spiritual teachers
and practices have had a bad rap.

Affirmations are good at directing our subconscious or self-talk. Our subconscious is influenced by the people and things around us, so why not influence it with our wishes too? The more we believe in ourselves and our dreams, the more we can get what we want.

Affirmations familiarize us with our wishes and set a direction and a reminder for where and who we want to be. If we are willing to show up and do the work that would get us to our dreams, then affirmations will assist us in getting what we want.

After a lot of searching here are some suggestions to best select and use affirmations.

1. What Actions are you Committed to Taking?

Write down or visualize the actions that you are willing to commit to and not what you wish
to receive.

2. Why are you Committed to Your Actions?

Your affirmation must have meaning for you. The thing that you want or are affirming in your life must mean something to you. You want to avoid chasing other people's dreams as sooner or later, you will find that what you wanted is fake.

3. What are the Specific Actions that you are Committed to Taking?

Affirmations need to be tangible and specific. To say something that's general like "I'm
wealthy and I feel money coming into my life," is absolutely useless and won't get you
anywhere. Rather, describe in specifics what actions are you committed to taking.

4 Set a Date and be Specific for when to take Actions.

It's important to have dates or cut-off points as that automatically makes you focus towards
that date. You thus own the actions you said you'd commit to.

5. Write them down every Morning and recite them with Emotion.

Writing things down has power and it signals an importance to your subconscious mind. It's
as if when you write stuff down, then you prioritize the actions. Again, the recital is so that
you can impress on your subconscious mind.

6. Continually update your affirmations.

Our dreams and goals change and evolve over time. When one is achieved then we move
onto something else. Affirmations need to change to reflect any new 'want.'

Affirmations do work. Affirmations become part of our artillery to go after our goal and not just a mere wish. The universe wants us to get into action before it can help us and act on our behalf.

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LenkaSophie Premium
I have to say I was not a fan of affirmations for a few years when I first heard about them. It seemed to me strange or stupid. But I did start with them again and found a way how to say it in a way to really "feel it". I think that's the key. You have to get the feeling.
They really do work.
I now say my affirmations every day in the morning.
Thanks for this post, Stephen.
sbarrow4 Premium
I think the emotional bit is the trick. Thanks heaps for your interest and support.
Have a great day
KathyAnne Premium Plus
I'm also a fan of affirmations, and use them as part of goal setting. I don't physically write them down, but in Windows notepad. I have a goal setting for each month and a long term one. Knowing where you're going and what you desire is important. Visualising yourself owning whatever it is you want in as much detail as possible helps. Thanks for sharing:) Kathy
sbarrow4 Premium
Desire is a wonderful attribute to have in relation to your goals and affirmations. Thanks heaps for your interest and support.
Have a great day
Makinitwork Premium
I agree with affirmations too. They are part of the big equation of achieving goals. Thanks Jen
sbarrow4 Premium
Thanks heaps for your interest and support.
Have a great day
Linda103 Premium
I agree Stephen, affirmations are good up to a point. They can help to keep you positive and focussed or bring you back if you lose focus.
Like you say though, saying 'I am wealthy' and sitting back to wait for money to fall in to your lap doesn't work.
Th universe can send endless opportunities to help you reach your goal but you have to be ready to see them and act.
sbarrow4 Premium
Linda, I agree with what you have said. You need to stay close to them.Thanks heaps for your interest and support.
Have a great day