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Last Update: September 17, 2018

It took me long enough but I'm finally on lesson 10 of Level 4 EOC training. For those of you that have completed this you will remember the training centers on the use of social media - specifically, the how and why of social media to facilitate our success in the world of affiliate marketing.

Watching the videos and following the training I found myself in Google-land in search of the how and why of social media. After a few minutes of scrolling through several sites I began to notice a pattern - each one promoting a strategy for harnessing the powers and analyzing the effects of social media for your business. The duration of time it took me to do this research led me to another ah-ha moment - managing these accounts can become quite time intensive as well. I am now trying to negotiate only one barely-up-and-running website with email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. If I had several websites, the task, in my opinion, would quickly become unmanageable.

Thankfully many others before me have long since encountered this problem and have created a variety of solutions (and their own business in the process!) which have come to be known as "Social Media Management Tools".

Through the use of these various tools you can schedule and specify a time and location for a specific article to be posted. This eliminates the need to create a schedule or calendar of your own which in turn requires you to also do the following: 1) remember to use the calendar and, 2) physically post an instance of content to your website and then to each of your social media accounts.

My next great find was this article at It lists 7 Best Free Social Media Management Tools. The list below is a brief overview of each tool.

1. Hootsuite - Manage up to 3 social media profiles in one place, schedule 30 posts in advance and generate leads with social contests.

2. Buffer - Manage 3 social profiles, schedule up to 10 posts, use their browser extensions and mobile apps (iOS and android) feature, and create and schedule content using their image creator and GIF/video uploader.

3. TweetDeck - Perfect for social marketers managing multiple Twitter accounts.

4. SocialOomph - Manage up to 5 Twitter accounts. There is a cost to utilize the platform's other features.

5. Friends+Me - The free plan includes management the following accounts (with an emphasis on Google+): Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr. Pinterest and Instagram are supported but at a cost.

6. SocialPilot - This one is geared more for a business and allows for management of multiple client social media profiles at once including 3 connected profiles. It also allows bulk scheduling of 10 posts per day and 30 posts per queue.

7. Zoho Social - The free plan allows you to manage 1 brand and includes the URL shortener and SocialShare browser plugin. It has also has many advanced features that are accessed with a paid subscription.

I find all this information fascinating so be on the lookout for most posts on this subject!

Realizing I am nowhere near the point in my online endeavors to implement any of the above tools however, there are many, many of you out there that are.

For those of you familiar with this type of automation, what management tools do you use? Do you recommend the free or paid versions?

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DaisyTetreau Premium
Hi Susan,
Great info for me as I am trying to get the big picture
of social media. I am impressed that you are doing so many.
Would love to know how you manage it all and what you do for each different one. It is still quite a mystery to me. The tools sound wonderful. thanks for all this.
I appreciate you,
SAWalden Premium
Hi Daisy!

Right now, the way I'm managing is "flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants".

I have a loose schedule but my 9-5 gig has a way of getting in the way so I'm not spending anywhere the amount of time writing, posting and commenting as I should.

It is only through this research that I began to fully grasp what a time consuming task this can be.
As I get a better handle on this and decide exactly how best to manage the when/where/how/what of posting content I will let you know!

Sounds like a good title for a training!

JKulk1 Premium
Thanks for the information. Organising and posting blogs in Social Media certainly does take up a lot of time. The only thing that concerns me is that we are warned not to use to many plugins as they can slow down site speed. I already have 7 "Must have" plug ins, and I believe the optimum amount suggested was 5. Jim
SAWalden Premium
The number of plug-in's is certainly something to consider. Thank you for the reminder!
juanster2017 Premium
Thanks for sharing your research it is very helpful and I look forward to reading your next post
SAWalden Premium
You're welcome! I feel as though I've only scratched the surface on this subject. :-)
juanster2017 Premium
I feel the same way there is so much to learn
Skydancer1 Premium
I use Crowdfire mostly. They have a free plan and affordable payment plans. Never hurts to try the Free plan.

I have a review about them on my site. Incase you want more information

It really helps with Twitter but you can connect all your SM profiles in one place and automate your posting schedule.
I currently have at least 6 accounts linked from different social media platforms and have automated my SM posts over all of them.

Great information, Nice post

Take Care
SAWalden Premium
Thank you so much for your reply! I will certainly look into Crowdfire. It's nice to know we have many options available to improve our productivity and time management!

SAWalden Premium
Just took a look at Crowdfire - I really like what I've seen so far!
LauraFuller Premium
Great information. I use Hootsuite paid. With some changes they made I am going to down grade to free. But it appears to me that if I want to do free I would need to do 2 or 3 of these to get all of my accounts managed. It would still be less time than managing each social platform.

What do you think?

And it looks like friends is the only one that manages all with a paid subscription?

Daunting indeed!!

SAWalden Premium
Thank you Laura for your reply!

In the article Hootsuite was listed at #1 and for my purposes - at least for now - the free version should 'suite' me well.

To make this work what I think I to do is get busy writing content and having a que of posts to pull from.