Brain storming back to my own niche.

Last Update: October 20, 2014

My first niche was hair products and spent all this time doing NOTHING on it because that wasn't what i was passionate about. now i want to start it back up again but i think i'm going to do something different and reach out to smaller hair companies. I think i can just find affliate programs that work with youtubers and use their videos (public use right?) and wrtie content along with it..

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CarlaIves Premium
I kind of liked your original niche as I have a lot of hair problems due to chemo and a few other things, so I've been looking at wigs. So hard to find a good one without breaking the bank. I'll keep a watch. I would personally get permission whether the videos are up on You Tube or not. It's a touchy subject. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
danbarth87 Premium
Just make sure everything you use is with permission. I would personally just make my own videos about it, though :)
That way you can earn Adsense on the videos, in addition to all the income with your articles and everything else.
sashamanning Premium
yeah you're right but i don't have good enough video quality . and i would ask with permission.