Don't cry, Diversify

Last Update: April 17, 2020

We all knew that it wouldn't be long, with the global change, for Amazon to change the game once again and lower their commission rates. Plus with them prioritising what they classify as 'essential purchases', many of us are being hit on our websites with a double whammy shock.

If I'm really honest (as I am sure you guys will have to admit too), I have been really lazy with my website, affiliating with very few companies, with the majority of my reviews and best of's and editorial material being about products on Amazon.

Let's face it, they are easy to refer to, easy to track and just easy to use in general. Readers and customers also seem to feel the same. I have experienced that if I link to amazon, they tend to buy, whereas purchases and take up to other sites is considerably lower.

However, is this because of how I have positioned my business?

In these unique times of global change, we as businesses, writers, influencers and affiliate marketers, have to evolve and change too. There is no Norm or comfort zone anymore and in many ways this is good.

We all have to find different ways of connecting, doing business, marketing and living.

I have been incredibly excited by my website of late, it is showing signs of great success with another 22 sales in the last week. However, all of these are from Amazon, so this means that my earnings from all of this work could be slashed by 5%.

Instead of crying about it, and protesting this is wrong, that Amazon are wrong (lets face it, we could spend all isolation doing that), I spent a day finding new schemes and companies to affiliate to. I applied to 15 companies and have this morning just found out I have been excepted to my top choice.

Not only did this company send me a really nice email, complimenting me on my website and saying they look forward to working with me, but they are forwarding editorial and promotional material too! The icing on the cake, is that by going direct I get 10% commission, not Amazons 3%.

If I get the same response from the other companies, not only have I increased my commission, but I am building relationships with companies, becoming the influencer I wanted to be. Amazon Slashing their commission is a Win/Win for me. Because it forced my hand to stop being lazy, and actually take my website, my vision seriously.

Believe me, your readers will respect your site more if you diversify. I intend to leave my editorial material, referring to Amazon, but now add in my new relationships and affiliate companies.

The only way we survive this global pandemic and global change in doing things, is to evolve and adapt and change ourselves. I am excited to step out of my Amazon comfort zone. By doing so, I now have material to write for at least another few months and beyond.

If your Niche is suffering from the pandemic and shut-downs, my advice is keep writing, keep building, because the pandemic will pass, the world will resume business. Let's hope we do it as a more pro active, more mindful and conscious (and less lazy) group of humans.

Wishing you and your families good health, your websites much success, and the courage to step out of your Amazon comfort zones. I promise, if you leap, the net of other opportunities will catch you!

Much Love


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Babou3 Premium
Nice post!
I totally agree with Stephen, let's not wait for the doors to close on us. It is better for us to explore several markets so as not to find ourselves deprived when one of these markets is less profitable. The internet world is so vast that it is better for us not to limit ourselves.

SaraPoyner Premium
Hi Ingrid, lovely to hear from you. Like you say, it is better to open many doors for ourselves than have one affiliate company close a door on us. Amazon has had too much of my time and attention and I don't feel they have looked after us affiliate marketers.

I have worked with them in fear that they will come and not like something I have written or done. Giving them a vast power and control over me and my site. Not any more, it is time to step out from their shadow and limits.

there is an exciting bright new opportunity beyond their walls. Quite grateful for there decision to reduce commissions now. : )
TonyJS Premium
Hey Sara,
An excellent way to move beyond the grasp of amazon! Get out there and find someone who wants you to work with them!
I will also be looking at other options although currently, 3 of my sites all rely on the house that Bezos built.
Still, it gives me other things to work on!
All the best
SaraPoyner Premium
Hey Tony! Great to hear from you. Yep the house that Bezos built, has a strong grasp lol. I'm going to leave what I have done, as is (you never know the wind might change) and just build over the top.

Good Luck on your new horizons xx
lesabre Premium
Hi Sara, guess I put most of my eggs in one basket. That one basket being Amazon. They have almost everything a person may need/want. I felt disillusioned yesterday after reading Kyle's message about the huge cuts in commissions with amazon.
Amazon was easy, but I have to jump out of my comfort zone. Kyle listed some other affiliates I will be looking into.

Best wishes,
SaraPoyner Premium
I know, we all collectively put our heads in our hands! I mean can anything get any worse? have job put on hold, COVID-19, isolation and then that. Our websites for many years have been built with time blood, sweat and tears referring to Amazon!

But maybe once again we learn lessons, like in life. Time for Amazons hold and domination on the world to end. You can't treat the hand that feeds you like that.

When the dust settles and the world heals and awakens, I predict most of us will have diverted our business elsewhere and Amazon will be left wondering what went wrong? and it won't just be The COVID!

Stay well and diversified my friend : )
lesabre Premium
Hi Sara, beautifully said. The amazon thing is a disappointment but we have alternatives, and that is important.

There are a lot left without a choice, so I am grateful, I can make choices.

All the best,
CCelest Premium
Thanks for this great share Sara. Kyle's words keep ringing in my ears. " Choose different independent affiliate programs. Don't tie yourself to networks." It's like he had seen this coming...
SaraPoyner Premium
Yep. I have to admit, I got this message quite a few months ago and did nothing, just kept doing what I knew, what was working. But I have always been a believer things happen for a reason and there is a lesson in everything. So I got the memo and learnt the lesson. Time to move onward and upward to a more diverse website. Maybe we need to learn this Amazon lesson in life too?

Stay Well Carol and all the best with your website xx
Jenny28 Premium
I’m in the same boat as you Sara, most of my content is promoting amazon products because of how easy it is and how good the sales are. The commissions have always been low but it was still very easy to get sales. I will take this as a wake up call and diversify. Thanks for your post and I wish you all the best.
SaraPoyner Premium
Hi Jenny, yep. Many of us are all in the same situation. It was better the devil we knew. We kept following the system that worked, but the system is now broken and we need to make a new one for ourselves. Honestly I have a really exciting two days.

I dedicated them to just sourcing new affiliates and I now have 20 amazing companies in the pipeline. That's enough content and referrals for a year for me, without ever gracing Amazon with my readers presence!

I honestly believe it won't be us affiliate marketers that are left wanting after this. I think Amazon will wake up after COVID-19 realising they bit the hand that fed them and us promoters and influencers all took our business elsewhere.

Stay well Jenny and enjoy a day or two of diversification xx
Jenny28 Premium
That’s great to hear Sara, I will be spending the day applying to other affiliate programs. We will be better for it, and Amazon will hopefully get what’s coming to them in a bad way. Thanks again, and this is a new outlook and motivation for us.

All the best,