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Last night, I was thinking how do I come up with an idea for a blog every day/every other day. This was after writing a plan and a list for my schedule of writing for my website. For my website, I have to plan, because research needs to be done, I need to think, am I going to do a post? or a review? and with my website, I have a goal to write so many posts in X amount of time to take me one more step closer to the freedom I seek.

When I sit to write for WA, I usually just sit and write whatever is fighting hardest to get out. What do I wake inspired to write? What do I feel you guys at WA need to hear or learn today? What can I give? How can I help?

With my very limited experience and knowledge, it is very rare that I can come to the table with a full house of affiliate marketing wisdom. I can merely bring what I have learned and experienced in the last seven weeks. (and the years of life and business experience I have collected)

What can I bring to the table? Well, I love to read, and I love to take what I read inside and let it resonate within me. I mix it with my inner compass and life experience and then add it to my wisdom library. I have a list of books I will read in the future and an extensive library of books I have read in the past.

So my inspiration I woke with this morning was that I will pick a random book from my collection (or read something new) and I will then flick to a random page, and that is what my blog is going to have to be about. So we are in for an interesting set of my WA blogs!

Today my Blog, comes courtesy of Doyle Brunson, who is hailed as poker's greatest player. In his book 'Poker Wisdom of a champion' he offers us 'powerful winning advice.'

Brunson was being interviewed by a reporter who asked 'Is there any way you can tell in advance if you're going to win?' to which Brunson replied 'Not really, That is part of the suspense. Sometimes the cards fall the way you like and sometimes they bring rude surprises!'.

As Brunson was driving home however, he realised that in the games he won, he remembered how 'exceptionally confident' he was before playing, and that he'd really felt 'optimistic' beforehand. However, the times her felt 'hesitant about playing' or if his mind sent 'secret mental messages warning of a long night', he more often than not lost.

In football (or most sports), before each contest a coach will asses the 'mental and physical condition' of the players. If they are not match fit or mentally or physically not in the game, they get put on the injury list or on the bench. However, how many of us do that? before we do something in life, or make a decision or write, do we asses our physical and mental capacity to see if we are match fit or really ready for the game?

Brunson advises us to 'search into our souls' and ask a set of 7 questions. He warns us that we should be honest with the answers and potentially take ourselves temporarily out of the game, as sometimes 'even if the conscious mind ignores all the warning signals, your subconscious mind keeps screaming that all is not right. When you play in spite of this you are likely to lose'

Brunsons short checklist for deciding whether to play or not is as follows:

1) Have you had enough sleep? if NO, don't play

2) Is there something else you'd rather be doing? if YES don't play

3) Are you feeling physically well enough to sit through a movie? If NO don't play.

4) Are you so mad at someone that it is interfering with your concentration? if YES don't play

5) Are drugs, alcohol, or medication interfering with your logical thinking? if YES don't play

6) Are you emotionally upset? If YES don't play

7) Do you feel you are going to win? If NO don't play.

What does this have to do with Affiliate Marketing?


You need to give credibility to your hidden feelings. Your subconscious mind might be analysing things that you are not aware of. If your subconscious is telling you, this is a scam, or you can't do this, or you are not good enough, then you are never going to win at affiliate marketing, that nagging doubt, will just eat at any ounce of positively or confidence you have.

Be honest about these feelings and doubts. Are they actually yours? or just the subconscious programming of other peoples opinions inner compasses?. Does your soul say YES but outside opinions say NO? Always decide 'whether to play the game' based on your own soul, your own instinct!

Look at the list and replace the 'Do not Play' with 'Do not write'. If your answer to any of the questions above is 'Do not write' then do not write. Go out and do the thing you really want to do, or calm down, or get well. This might mean you do not 'play the game' for five minutes, or an hour, or ever again. Getting match fit, can simply be taking a moment to get in a positive mind set, or having a shower, or a rest.

If you write when you are not mentally or physically 'game fit' then that is going to come across in your writing, whereas if you are top form and confident, and optimistic, that is going to shine through to your readers, and that positive vibration and form is attractive and infectious. You will attract readers and they will want to come back to your blog.

I have also learned a nice technique for inspiring new blogs for my website. If you have books on your Niche, do the book and page lottery, you never know what it migh inspire you to write!

What does this have to do with life?


Just change the play to act or do. If you answer a question and it leads to do not play, it is highly likely that any action or doing is going to lead to a loss, wrong decision, wrong turn or wrong action that can lead to regret or shame, or no success.

Don't get me wrong there are times in life when we go all in and it ends up with big losses, but on those occasions the learning comes from asking the questions above. Search your soul and be aware of what your inner compass was telling you before the loss, was it confident and optimistic? or was it shouting hesitations and warnings?

In life (or affiliate marketing) If it looks and feels like a 'good game' and you survive the checklist, then sit down and do some serious winning, otherwise save your energy for tomorrow!

Are you feeling exceptionally confident and optimistic? Are you ready to be a winner?

Today I have answered question 2) of Doyls Brunsons checklist, and I would much rather be enjoying the glorious sunshine, so today I will not be 'playing the game'. Enjoy your own sunshine today and if you are playing the game, play to win : )

Much Love


Credit for this article goes to the source :

Brunson, D, Poker Wisdom of a champion (formally titled According to Doyle), (2005) Cordoza Publishing

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Love this...
I was out on Brighton seafront first thing this morning 8am, doing a bit of meditation, it was lovely, this was in readiness to come back home and complete a product review and write a new blog, thus being in a good head space

The parking attendants in Brighton are like Rottweilers so I purchased an online ticket for two hours, (with receipts) however, back at the car just 30 mins later I see the Rottweilers have never the less placed a £70 car parking ticket on my windscreen, I was livid, and am still very annoyed, have to go through the appeal process and all my good positive thoughts have gone out the window.

So reading your blog was like a bit of spiritual guidance and told me why it’s s poor idea to write it now as I don’t feel like writing anything..... so am encouraged to go sit in the garden and do a bit of mindfulness....

Thank you


Oh how I wish I lived near the sea to go do some meditation! Shame the car parking attendants messed with the goodness! So pleased my post gave you enough positivity to go enjoy some mindfulness. Thanks as always for reading and taking the time to comment : )

Interesting Sara, there are a lot of things that help or hinder us in our journey, every day I try to play the game hard, do what needs to be done and I remain optimistic that will lead to success.
love your work, well done.

Thanks Shadonna, Great to play the game hard! An optimistic all in is always a winner :)

I enjoyed the post, very informative. Malcolm

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment, glad you enjoyed it!

Great post Sara!

Mindset IS everything and the key to winning or going home with your head down.

Thanks for taking the time away from Funshine to write this ;)

Tom XO

Hey Tom, No worries, leaving now for fun, time with family and BBQ in the sun! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Hi Sara,

Good post and a good idea for the post.

All the best
Darren :)

Thank you, My husband and I have a very eclectic book collection, so I guess it will never get boring lol. Just not looking forward to when I get to German for Dummies hahaha

Very inspiration Sara, Thanks:)

Thank you for reading and I am glad you found some inspiration in there : )

Sounds like a plan

Good job! : )

Very good post...bookmarked..Thanks for sharing

Thanks so much Shellback! Always good to have the words of a poker champion bookmarked lol

Good Post,

Thanks Stuart, we already know you are a winner : )

Thought that was you, we really should stop meeting like this. lol. :)


Notice that I am playing catch up with my posts!!

It's a bit like me and time, I'm still stuck in the 80's hahaha

Showing my age, I retired from the Royal Air Force in the Eighties, so you are just a baby --hahaha

I was born in the seventies! Grew up in the 80's. now I'm showing my age lol

I love this. Thank you.

you are welcome! and thank you for reading and taking time to comment : )

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