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Last Update: March 28, 2017

I'm back!!!!!!

I have been on my amazing adventures to the States. I am going to do a blog page/website that shows my travels, what have learnt and all I hope to gain.

I have been really ill as well post my travels.

These are the reasons I have not been online.

My reasons to come back!!


This small few words of Ho'oponopono show you that to move forward is to believe in you.

I love you - love your self no matter what and forgive yourself for wrong doings

Please forgive me- forgive me for negation, feelings of failure and lack, doubting others or not being more grateful. Forgive me for the previous life failures and my reaction to those who wronged me.

Thankyou- for the air we breathe, the life we lead, the family and friends we have and for all life has to offer. Thankyou for being chosen as a divine being on this planet.

I'm sorry- for not understanding, not accepting others and for my self-limiting beliefs.

This blog I want to identify with you what we do - when we do - and how we do! and why we do!

There is a general reason why we start stuff and not finish? Why we get excited then deflated...why its easy to give up!! Its' called self -belief.

HO'OPONPONO is real and really is helping me to attain life goals.

Why I believe that WA is the voice to millions to express you!!

I am a great person I am amazing!!

Say this to you all the time. Don't let self doubt, negation, lack and feeling of failure the key to losing hope and belief that you are great and amazing.

LIFE is great and amazing but also challenging and full of negation, pressure and societal conformation. We don't conform we lose out, miss out, lose money, become isolated, become poor, become reclusive. There is always expectations of us in life. What we choose to do in life is dependent upon your ways of thinking.

WA is a brilliant platform to share your life, your experiences, your work, your mindset and of course make money! At the moment WA is my way to share my journey to the world. I am using it to show people that not conforming to a JOB is ok.

JOB - Just Over Broke

Life abundance is for everyone and everyone is totally unique. Remember to love yourself in all your activities. Believe in Reciprocity and life will come to you as you want.

To understand and practice self-belief, self love and selfless love the universe will serve you as it is serving me. It will serve you well and give you all that you ask.

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Kyle Premium
Great to have you back and I hope your adventure was truly an amazing one!
Sarajane4343 Premium
Yes USA is a great place and totally in tune with Networking and Personal Development. The conventions I went to were amazing!!!!
DaveSw Premium
Lots of energy in this post! Like! : )
Sarajane4343 Premium
Lislienid Premium
Thanks for sharing your inspiration
Sarajane4343 Premium
thank you
FTurner8032 Premium
What a wonderful and inspiring message. I needed to hear that today. Thank you so much.
Sarajane4343 Premium
Thankyou so much. My journey is new but i am happy to share what i learn bout lifes prosperity.
Labman Premium
Very motivational.
Sarajane4343 Premium
Thank you so much. I know as much as anyone, but I feel that sharing what you do know however much it is heard or known is important to re-enforce the power of own self belief and what you can be!!!