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Hi my name is Sarah i would like to build my own networking bussiness. I have no experience but i have the passion.





What is a referral id?

What is a referral id?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi Wealthy Affiliate Fellows, I am about to sign up for an Affiliate Program but I do not know what my referral ID is please help.

Hello. The referral id is a number Amazon ask for. you make your own number what you want it to be. 9 numbers 2155293-03

It is ascend sports wear Affiliate program. So may be I will just try to use my name. Thanx so much

Is this a separate affiliate program from amazon

When you sign up to an affiliate program use your name or a business name you choose and when you are accepted you will receive an affiliate id from them to use in product links to place in your posts.

Thanx will try to use my name. Will let you know

Hi - if you are talking about Amazon, then you just make a name up. It could be your name or that of your website, whatever you want.

Thanx Diane for your answer. Will come back to you as soon as am done

This is a great question and I am glad to see it posted here on the front page where I can also learn from the responses generated from your question. I find this knowledge that will be useful for me, also as time goes by, and now is as good a time as any to learn about referral ID.

For WA, it is $ sign top menu.

Programs details.

For other programs, you'd have to check with them.

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I am about to join cj but i am stuck. how do i finish?

I am about to join cj but i am stuck. how do i finish?

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Search Engine Optimization

I am about to join CJ but my problem is when it comes to create promotional property. Do I only put my website only? Or my email is needed as well. What about social media? Bu

Do you have a least 20 content posts on your website?
If you only have a website right now that will be your promotional property. .If they ask for an email address that will be to contact you with program details, updates etc..

I only have almost 15 posts. Alright then, let me just right some more content until i get 20 posts then I will continue. Thanx so much for the light shed.

I think both.

Below resource may help

You can also check with their docs and support.

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How do I add a cover image to my site?

How do I add a cover image to my site?

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Getting Started

Hi family,

I would like to add a cover image to my site in order to give it life, I have no idea as to how this is done. Will you please assist me.


If you are using Generate Press the free version you may not be able to add a header image. What you can do is insert an image as the first first thing to appear in your posts and pages.

Otherwise you will need to upgrade to GeneratePress Pro or choose another theme. When choosing to another theme you will not loose your content (posts and pages). You will have to do some tweaking with your header, font and layout.

Thanx you really helped me . Will come back to you when I decide on which theme I will go with. Infact I am indeed looking for header image but your idea is great.

You are very welcome.

if you can't find an option under appearance customize then there are plugins to help you achieve this function...
just make sure that the image doesn't slow your site down with a large file size...
have fun
details of how to add it to your theme, as there are so many, will be in your themes website documentation...
but have a look through the customize settings and see if it is there, some free themes may allow it...

Thanx Feigner

no worries...
if it is wp fitness theme then goto appearance>>customize>>background image and add an image
i like the option this has not to scroll with site ..so the background stays constant with the site scrolling over it....

Thanx let me do it now. Will let you know.

The first place I check my options in Appearance > Customize,

That's also depending your theme and its limitations.

May I ask what theme are you using?

I am using fitness theme

If it is a background image, I rather keep my site while | shades of white background vs placing an image.

However totally your choice.

I see you have a solution on page.

I also prefer white background Abie, but what i was infact looking for is header image. Thanx for helping.

That's awesome, that would be dependent your theme.

I looked up here
https://wordpress.org/themes/search/fitness theme/

And could not find your theme to check out the correct option.

Appearance > Customize you may check your options.

Thanx Abie

You're very welcome.

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