What Is Site Trust And How To Increase It By 20% - Here Is What I Did

Last Update: July 23, 2018

Yep - This was my reaction after logging on today and finding out that my site trust has increased to 20%

Excited is an overstatement :)

Even though I have not touched my blog much this week as my personal life has been busy, I have constantly been working on my site.

Considering I only joined in June I have definitely come a long way (a constant reminder to myself for moments when I feel like I can't go on)

So in this blog I wanted to discuss what I learned.

Stop Constantly Checking Your Site Trust

I know this may seem counter intuitive but stop constantly checking your current site trust percentage. This one was a big one for me because I subconsciously started to make this a bad habit of checking.

No one can predict how often Google's crawler checks this which is why you should not be too focused on it. It definitely is an important factor but constantly checking this is not going to change thing.

Instead, focus on other priority tasks which actually have in impact on to your site trust.

Keep Posting Content Reguarly

The frequency of how often you write your posts is an important factor. Google love sites that are big in terms of content so it's best to keep writing as often as you can.

For me personally, I try to aim for 1-2 articles a week. This may not suit everyone depending on their schedule but write as much as you can.

As you already know the minimum you need to aim for is approximately 1000 words (more or a little less is also fine)

Social Engagement - Keep Sharing Your Content

I have learned the importance of social media and sharing your content across multiple channels. This helps build trust and is also ranking factor for Google.

You have to also be social on your platforms. What I mean by this is share other people's content, like their content etc.

If you only start to share your own posts on social media then you come across as a spammer and this will not help with building site trust.

Patience - Success Takes Time

This is one that I am still trying to learn but starting to understand. It's very easy to forget how far you have already come and to therefore, take this moment for granted.

It is also easy to want everything right now. But success takes time, a long time. Everyone wants everything right away but people are often afraid to take action.

This is why this community is great as it helps encourage others to keep pushing forward when times are tough, and when these difficult moments do arise know that you are on the right track.

Because if it's too easy then you are doing something wrong.


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WendaSue Premium
Great post. Very inspirational! Congratulations!!!
BTW... Mine increased to 20% this week also.
Wendi :)
samozturk Premium
Thanks Wendi and congratulations to you as well! keep up the good work!
EKaye1 Premium
Posting content regularly is definitely key along with patience. Congratulations to you, my site trust also recently went up to 20 per cent. We are here to succeed and we will. All the best.
samozturk Premium
With that mindset and positive attitude we definitely will and will not give up. Congrats on your site trust increase as well!
Tiffany2018 Premium
Thank you for this! I am also new and was wondering what it takes for google trust to be built. The social media piece of your article makes a ton of sense. I didn’t know it was “ok” or even preferred to share others’ content sometimes - will be sure to add that to what I’m doing!
samozturk Premium
Good to hear this has helped you and yes, definitely add the social media aspect to your regular activities and regular to do list.
DanB8 Premium
I agree, patience and commitment are needed in order to reach your goals. I will work hard and do my best to reach mines. Keep up the work man, good luck!
samozturk Premium
Thank you and likewise! :)
AJama Premium
Very wise words and to the point! To re-iterate your message, the effort factor (how seriously one engages in the subject matter), and the time factor (patience) are very important in on-line businesses.

Thanks for stressing these factors!
samozturk Premium
Thank you for pointing this out again and how important this really is. It is commonly overlooked by a lot of people.