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That's right folks! I have made some changes on my blog and Google search console (formley known as Google webmaster tools) which has helped increase my posts getting indexed faster and therefore improving on the search rankings!Following the below I was able to have two of my posts indexed within a few hours.Here is how I did it.Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google Search ConsoleWhat is a sitemap? A sitemap is basically a digtal navigation of your website. This helps with the Google bot crawl
Yep - This was my reaction after logging on today and finding out that my site trust has increased to 20% Excited is an overstatement :)Even though I have not touched my blog much this week as my personal life has been busy, I have constantly been working on my site.Considering I only joined in June I have definitely come a long way (a constant reminder to myself for moments when I feel like I can't go on)So in this blog I wanted to discuss what I learned.Stop Constantly Checking Your Site Trus
It has been a long journey and I have definitely come a long way (even thought it still feels like I signed up just yesterday)Whilst I still have a long way to go I am enjoying every single moment of it.Currently I am still going through the training and up to level 4, understanding the social engagement aspects and the foundation behind a good social profile.However, I already have a better and deeper understanding of websites and how it all comes together.What Have I Learned So Far:How websit
IntroductionHello my fellow WA friends!My name is Cem Ozturk and I have been a premium member for only a few months now at wealthy affiliate and already I have learned so much.As you know, the internet can be an overwhelming place with all the information everywhere and often times, people get overloaded with the details and don't know where to begin. This is why WA is the best website and community I have found!This is my journey so far, my background and my overall story.Why I Got StartedOver