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I'm Sam and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I am a married mum of 3 very wonderful children. My children and husband are my world.

As a mum I have always wanted to be at home with my children and so a career has been on the back burner for the past 16 years.

Prior to becoming a mum I had studied law and had started training as a counsellor and support worker for victims of domestic abuse.

As time has passed I have changed my goals in life and my family and I are embarking upon a whole new life which involves moving away to live in our dream location amongst the mountains and stunning coastline of Snowdonia (Wales - UK) and my husband and myself setting up our own online businesses to each be run from our new home.These are very exciting times for our household.

When it came to deciding upon a career I spent many months researching one online that would allow me to still be the dedicated mum that I want to be and also one that would allow us to move away to and afford to live comfortably in our new lives. Much thought and time went into this. I decided from early on that I intended to work mainly online and mainly from home. From that point onwards I had to research the desired career and get training! This was a massive challenge for me on all fronts as I still wanted to dedicate much time to my children and family life, whilst at the same time get myself into the position of running a successful business. There was also the 'tiny' issue of me not being at all technically skilled - not even knowing how to switch a computer on, and having no prior business involvement, business set up skills or business knowledge!

It has now been a year since we decided to go for our new lives and I have accomplished a lot in that time. I decided that I was going to get myself trained up in all of the basic skills of a Virtual Personal Assistant whilst learning Business Management and Business Set Up skills.and setting up my business known as "Lifeline VA Business Solutions". This has been a lot of fun and a lot of very hard work, research and hours have gone into even reaching the stage that I am at now. However, I feel as though I have another fresh start towards my Business' goal by having become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Up until this point everything that I have done and learned and achieved has been done entirely on my own. Whilst this does bring a great sense of achievement, I have at times felt extremely isolated and have not had anyone to be able to approach for advice at all. I have also had to research all of (and learn) the necessary skills for my business and career alone. I am designing my website on here too. I am very hopeful that Wealthy Affiliate will be just the thing i need for all of the learning and advice that I still need on my journey.

I believe that most of life's limitations are in our own minds and that through allowing ourselves to think outside of the box we can achieve much!

I like to live by the belief that "Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't - you are right".
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I would be happy earning £60,000 per year.
I would be ecstatic earning £100,000 per year.
I am willing to invest 30 hours per week into achieving these goals.
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Dec 19, 2016
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sammywi Premium
I would be happy earning £60,000 per year.
I would be ecstatic earning £100,000 per year.
I am willing to invest 30 hours per week into achieving these goals.
Carson Premium
Hey there Sammy

These are great goals and they are more than achievable! The more time you can spend on learning here within the Community at Wealthy Affiliate the better, but we've built WA so that you can work at your own pace!

I know that you are going to do great!

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kellycarpent Premium
Sammywi. Your Message is so nice to hear especially from a mum with background in Law. I was just telling Vodtun last night that he is on the right track and that we need people to help us through life. No one succeeds in business without the help of others. Just realizing that we need people can take burden off of ourselves . Its funny that way when we say to ourselves we failed and "nobody would help me "and thats why we failed. Then we succeed we are so happy and we are thanking everybody so much for there help. People need people just realizing its the asking part that people stumble over. Its the "just realize" part that is the doorway to asking for help. I would bet that Mum here is really good at asking. Give it up for mum every body!!!! I would follow mum through a red light.
sammywi Premium
Ha! Kellycarpent Thanks so much for your message. You are so very right when you say that to succeed in business we need others around us. Thank you for your advice and thanks for your much appreciated support. It's great to know people are there! ;)
Davekirby Premium
Hi, Thanks for following me...
latenite Premium
Thanks for the follow... you have a strong work ethic and you don't give up... WA is a great fit for you.
sammywi Premium
Thanks I am looking forward to the journey ahead!
OldMule Premium
Hi, thanks for follow.

Newbie or not, I have 20 plus years plus experience in this industry, so please shout if you need any help.

** If you are a newbie understand I make no money from you for saying this! **

I highly recommend this site to you and you really should go flat out with Premium level!
There is everything you need to become successful!

You can ask me anything you like about WA and I will always be 100% straight with you!
[Please read my profile and my last and third last blog posts and you will understand why!]

Please also read and "like" my other blogs, (also Facebook like at top), for my insights, tips and tricks!
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Have a magic day!

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Q and A with OldMule: What is and how to have a favicon!
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sammywi Premium
Hi! Thanks for the offer of support ;) I shall remember to come to you for advice on my exciting journey. Have a great day!
OldMule Premium
Have a really magic day!
Kyle Premium
Hey there Sammy and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to help you along the way. If you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do let me know.

As a new member here, you should check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started course (Level 1). This is a task based course that will get you taking action on daily tasks that will lead to you building web assets. Here is the link that you will see within your main menu labeled "Get Started Here".



If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

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But only if you join in your first 7 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways Sammy, thought I would just introduce myself and if you have any questions going forward, let me know. :) Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA!

Your friend,