Amazon One Link Update! March 2020

Last Update: March 31, 2020

Another quick one to share what I learnt regarding Amazon's OneLink!

If you're looking for the OneTag code like I spent ages doing like so many sites and blogs suggests, it no longer exists anymore!

Amazon removed the OneTag script code to make it simpler.

Be nice if they updated their FAQ and integration guide to let us know but there you go!

Hope that saves anyone the frustration of trying to find it!

Much love x

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Good information, Sammi!

StevenKane1 Premium
Thank You Sammi you have really stopped my headache with this, I had no idea what was happening.

Really appreciated

All the best Steven
Sammi30 Premium
Very welcome Steven, glad to help. I was the same spending time trying to find it.

All the best
APouliot Premium
So we just take the products link and that's it? Everything is going to be automatic?

I tried a link on my website and it doesn't redirect me to the Canada website... Is there still something more we have to do so that it catches the visitor's country?
Sammi30 Premium
Yes as long as your US account is linked and verified to your other store IDs for other countries.
Camfani90 Premium
I'm not this far in the game yet but thanks! It sounds like a relief.
Sammi30 Premium
You're further than me in the ranking game love must be doing something right!