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May 02, 2020
Soo I'm doing some keyword research on Jaaxy and have the following options:Option 1 | Avg 285 | traffic 49 | QSR 94 | SEO 96Option 2 | Avg 600 | traffic 103 | QSR 4 | SEO 89If it's better to have high traffic and low competition, then why is the SEO score lower for option 2? Mind boggling! Which one would you go for and why?Also, Kyle says on the training video to aim for traffic over 30 and QSR under 50 but then on another comment, he says over 50 for and under 100 Q
April 22, 2020
LEVEL 2 COMPLETED! 🙌👏🎉BISH, BASH, BOSH! 👊I could've done that a lot sooner really if I realised I was so close to the end 🤦‍♀️But thirsty for more knowledge and looking foward to the next course of lessons already!I think I deserve an ice-cream 😊Hope everyone's safe and well!
April 18, 2020
MONTH 1 UPDATESo 1 of my goals is to write a monthly blog on WA so here's my challenges and successes that I hope will help and motivate others starting out.CHALLENGESWebsite - Getting my website to look exactly the way I want. I'm trying to learn a bit of coding to reduce the number of plugins for this.Traffic - I need to update my social media pages to help this and I'm gonna tweak my keywords to increase SEO.SiteContent - I prefer creating and editing post on wordpress directly but then real
So, I transferred my old website to WA to have everything all under one roof.The website got indexed in a matter of days without me doing anything which I can understand as it's full of the content I transferred too.BUT... when I checked my site health for it, it automatically increased, again without me doing anything to it. Seems a bit fishy and makes me think WA automatically improves them to push us to do better, which is good in a sense but still a bit like false advertising almost.What's
April 12, 2020
Hi Guys,I'm having some plugin issues.I was using JetPack until SiteSupport told me they're blacklisted 😱So that's been deleted!I liked some of the features of it though 😭Are there any plugins, preferably just 1 plugin, that anyone could just that allows me to do all the following:Add subscribers widgetNotify visitors when I reply to their commentsPopular posts widget Add my social links Social links to share posts Is that asking for too much in one plugin 🤷‍♀&
I almost forgot!I said in a previous blog I'll share my Vision Board!I've not printed mine yet so it's a Vision Wallpaper for now. (no it's not my bedroom wallpaper.)I used Canva to resize the images and there you go, VOILA!! ✨Images of some goals to keep me motivated every time I open my laptop!You know it's cool! 😎So fun to make too!Feel free to share yours with me if you make one 👏
April 05, 2020
Remember the Primary Colours?Blue. Red. Yellow. 🖌That's what you need to remember when you get stuck on WA.Instead of mixing it up and focussing on the green (pun intended), the purples and whatever other colours you want your website to be, just go back to the basics. Your training.Continue your training or go back to it to refresh on it. There's been times on here where I've done the same. I got so excited to do more then struggled to find the answer. Then i went back to continue my t
Another quick one to share what I learnt regarding Amazon's OneLink!If you're looking for the OneTag code like I spent ages doing like so many sites and blogs suggests, it no longer exists anymore!Amazon removed the OneTag script code to make it simpler.Be nice if they updated their FAQ and integration guide to let us know but there you go!Hope that saves anyone the frustration of trying to find it!Much love x
Google indexed my website after only 4 days!I'm not even too sure what that means exactly 🤣🤷‍♀️But when I google it to check, I came across a site that mentioned "some people claim to index their website in 4 days", so I'm guessing it's something to be proud of. A few late nights of updating my website is starting to pay off! 🎉All thanks to WA training, features and the like-minded, helpful network of beautiful people! 👏Thank you to anyone and ev
So guys!!I finally made my new website!! 🙌 (Round of applause please and thank you 👏🎉)After debating whether or not to transfer my old website, I just decided to start from scratch as Kyle and Carson rightly advised. I only joined WA a week ago now and fully understood from the beginning it's not a get rich quick scheme as some may think. Success isn't just an accident, it's the result of failures and learning and persisting regardless of any of those failures or setback