Learning about Target Audience

Last Update: May 25, 2020

This week I leeeaaaarrned!

Wow! I did not realize how much I had this all wrong when I started out years ago. One thing that is helping me this time is taking the emotional aspect out...Which helps when you are not dependent upon this as your main income.

I am still working on a "how to guide" for developing the perfect offer, which I am focused largely on identifying who your avatar is. Some things such as:

  • Demographics
  • Where they shop
  • Pains and Goals

But the one thing that blew my mind this week is figuring out how important it was to keep in mind how your target audience will use the product and will they want engagement? For example:

As a gym goer and being cramped in my apartment I used myself as the target audience and went shopping on clickbank for something to sell.

What I found was a strength training program that teaches you how to do a pullup. It gives you the exercies and explains how to do them, so on so forth.

I hated it!!

Yes I would love to do a pull up more than anything, but I don't want to download a 200 page pdf, with three phases that are 4-8 weeks long and have a list of exercises that require equipment..I would have liked to know that beforehand.

Not a bad product but I would sell it to personal trainers, or physical therapists myself.

I even hit up the owner and asked if they had an app. They were very confident that that wasn't neccassary no matter how much I tried to convince them otherwise lol.

So as you can see, I learned first hand that the way you deliver your product and really understanding your audience goes a long way!

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KatiMouse Premium
Hi, Samantha.

I'm just getting started, too! My thoughts are all over the place, but I know I just need stop looking around and over-thinking it. I need to pick one thing and start moving forward! I'm sure I'll make many mistakes and do more over-thinking, but here I go!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I can tell you, you are not alone. I'm right here with you thinking much the same!

Cheers to our success!

SamanthaEise Premium
Thank you for your response.

Sometimes I have to giggle because I believe when you start something new it is so hard not to overthink things at first.

I've learned to just step back for a moment and let all the buzzing going away lol.

Then come back and see where I left off.

It sounds so ridiculous, but when I learn something new I get way too excited.

Cheers to our success!

josephb1 Premium
Your not the only one that feels like that, your doing great
jameslee7 Premium
I like this post - it's were we will all start at one time or another
Dmorrow Premium
Every little bit of knowledge or insight helps you move forward. You’re doing greatSamantha. Keep it going.


JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true, Samantha!

Linda103 Premium
Glad you are getting on well and learning a lot Samantha.
SamanthaEise Premium
Thank you