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June 03, 2020
Make a logical that is you!It is easy to get distracted with: The top 10 products for the yearThe evergreen niches The marketing affiliate programs as your reviewing themWhat other people are doingList goes on....Believe it or not a beard straightener is very hot right now! I'm sure you've seen that along with bras and other nonsense on Instagram. Yes, this stuff sells and definitly to someone whose got a sales funnel down...But it's also one of the quickest ways to lose focus.Wh
June 01, 2020
I just wanted to remind myself quickly that Its ok:It's ok to loose direction, I'm new, find a small step and keep going.It's ok that I'm spending more money than I want to right now, It's investing, so keep going.It's ok that Im tired and fustrated, just do something small and keep going.I believe I'm over my first hurdle and that was simply to come back after getting fustrated and overwhelmed. I had to remind myself that anything that lasts forever was not built over night. In reflection of
I'm enjoying this training and Jay's videos immensely. I have no complaints. But I have doubts. That sounds weird, I'm sure, but let me explain. I have learned a lot and I know how to apply it up until this point. I started visuallizing my home page, my cornerstone article, my product offer, but I suddenly came to a screeching hult. How am I going to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner to affiliate marketing? Being an authority gives you super powers. How do I know the tips, tricks, res
This week I leeeaaaarrned! Wow! I did not realize how much I had this all wrong when I started out years ago. One thing that is helping me this time is taking the emotional aspect out...Which helps when you are not dependent upon this as your main income. I am still working on a "how to guide" for developing the perfect offer, which I am focused largely on identifying who your avatar is. Some things such as:DemographicsWhere they shopPains and GoalsBut the one thing that blew my mind this w
Going a little crazy over here. There is absolutely no direction or prioritization in my day. This is what has evolved over the course of this morning.I watched an educational video this morning on what you need to have the perfect offer!I decided to be an affiliate of WA. I feel that an affilaite program is very cookie cutter minus your personal story, or "origin story" as they call it. It's just one personalization away from the perfect offer.I also figured out that my website