Over My First Hurdle

Last Update: June 01, 2020

I just wanted to remind myself quickly that Its ok:

  • It's ok to loose direction, I'm new, find a small step and keep going.
  • It's ok that I'm spending more money than I want to right now, It's investing, so keep going.
  • It's ok that Im tired and fustrated, just do something small and keep going.

I believe I'm over my first hurdle and that was simply to come back after getting fustrated and overwhelmed. I had to remind myself that anything that lasts forever was not built over night. In reflection of my past, everything that is truly amazing took me time and small efforts everyday. It wasn't huge, exhausting efforts...like trying to stay up all night to cram it in.

It's so tempting to go all out and exhaust yourself. It's silly for me to do that especially when I have four children and I know all about conserving energy. I can't waste time being unkind, or argumentative, or angry becuase there are things that are naturally fustrating and I need a lot of patience so that my message is heard, not my emotions.

So just a reminder to myself, and maybe some of you that it's ok to ask for help, take a break, and then come back and start again.

Lots of love to me and you!


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Dmorrow Premium
Well put Samantha! That’s the key.


jameslee7 Premium
Good post Samantha Short and to the point
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well done, Samantha!
Linda103 Premium
It is more than okay to ask for help Samantha and its normal to find it overwhelming at times. Many do, I know I did and many others do too.
You will get there. Take one step at a time, don't work yourself into the ground, just do what you can.
KatiMouse Premium
Very wise words, Samantha! Keep taking those steps forward each day. Progress does not mean giant leaps or moving quickly through the training. Progress is made by taking the time to dig in and understand each little step to build a strong foundation.

Do not build your fortress on soft sand. Build it on solid stone!

Cheers to your success!