We Learn from Failure , Not from Success

Last Update: February 01, 2017

I Have been in here since a month approximately , I am now in level 2 lesson 10 . I believe I have made great progress in the training although I have created something that seems very difficult to get traffic to , that's is " Mobile Phones " niche , BUT sometimes you have to stop being scared and just go for it .Either it will work or it won't .That's Life .

Every one you meet has something to teach you, I am proud of all the people in this community .

My new web site got indexed by google in very short time especially after I submitted the site map .

What you imagine , you Create .

I have stumbled little in some things , but I did it at last .

Keep trying until you do it , difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations . This is my future plan for the coming 6 months .



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JeffDolson Premium
Great plan Sam, you can do it.
Sam-K Premium
Thanks Jeff . That's Very Kind of you .
onmyownterms Premium
This is so true. When you are successful, you're not likely to learn something new, it's only when we fail.