Success of the Mind and the Plan that Shined like a lightbulb

Last Update: October 13, 2015

SO have you ever been stuck in a rut? Like absolutely confused and indecisive about what to do with the day and where to take life right now?

Who hasn't right?

I have been there really recently. I was stuck doing my bartending job around 40-50 hours of week and boy is it taxing on the nerves. Especially when I was experiencing anxiety, paranoia, and absolutely worry that I wouldn't be able to handle these grueling shifts.

I know you guys know what I'm talking about. When haven't you had a day at work and said, "This is the day I die. Work is gonna kill me today."

And then it does.

And then you go drink, or rest, or binge watch some tv, or just do what makes you happy.

It's quite a fun ride that we go through. That was me for the past couple of weeks. I didn't know where to take my musical ideas I've been playing with. I loved the idea of having a website and promoting Musical products and writing my crazy ideas to music philosophy and ideas. I wanted to combine the two somehow but couldn't figure out how to merge them.

And then miracles comes the most menial actions sometimes. I was chilling with my friend Darren just playing video games. We were listening to Hopsin and Childish Gambino on his phone when it all just sank in.

I've been reading Think and Grow Rich so my mind is starting to make connections to actions in my life and the environments I place myself in.

Childish Gambino is an actor and musician. (Also comedian but right now moot). He is seen on video.

My friend Darren shoots and edits video.

I play music and people love watching videos.

Videos drive traffic and traffic loves content therefore loves watching my videos and therefore gain exposure to my recommendations and products I sell.

(Yes that is a run-on and I don't know if they love me but it's for dramatic affect :) )

So that's what wealthy affiliate has done for me. It has added to the connections of working hard and being a proactive positive member of any community you are part of. You can decisively create your dreams with positivity, hard work and a thriving passion for anything life has to offer.

Little things like putting my dreams on a wall to listening to the bands I want to sound like help in every way. Just surrounding yourself with positive figures and your best friends in life brings about new ideas and adventures to write about.

And to think people will pay you to keep writing this all out on a keyboard. Your thoughts are now literally in our post-modern world turning into reality. It's a beautiful time to be alive guys. Thank you so much for the positivity and help. The guidance here and powerful vibes make me believe in myself and the world. And also in the people around me.

Best wishes to you all. Peace my dudes! And seriously. Enjoy life.


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Dmorrow Premium
Nice blog! Thanks for sharing your brainstorm.
SalMB Premium
Your Welcome!
ibmountain Premium
I can very much relate : )
SalMB Premium
KatieMac Premium
Aren't those light bulb moments just great, great post and very inspirational keep up the good work
SalMB Premium
Seriously it's like a whole new side of life is revealed.
KatieMac Premium
That is one way to put it, certainly opens more doors of opportunities
LLiu Premium
Thanks Sal for that most inspiring post. Yes I totally agree with you about not taking life for granted. Being a positive person and feeling life as it is today is pretty awesome!
Take care, and keep up that awesome attitude!
Bless you,
SalMB Premium
Thanks Linda!
RoopeshG Premium
Really awesome post.It always great to find something different and refreshing in your life that it injects spice and fun in your day.
WA has certainly done that.
Peace to you too.
SalMB Premium
Thanks and peace to you!