Two Necessary Ingredients for Success

Last Update: May 17, 2015

Every success, I believe, in any field, comes from two main elements: focus and consistency. I don't know of any more powerful characteristics to bring to life and to business. Without them everything will eventually fall apart.

I hear the word "focus" used frequently, sometimes out of context. If you take it's meaning literally, as to focus a camera lens, the parallel to effort becomes quite clear. You must have a vision, a target to focus upon, you must get a clear picture of that object, and you must keep that clear picture in view until it becomes something tangible. (In terms of a camera, a focused, well-composed photograph. In terms of business, the reality of your vision).

Consistency means to just keep persevering, engaging in a proven, effective process over and over, day after day, until the results appear. Now, you do need to examine whether the steps you are taking are proven and effective. We are trusting the leadership of WA for that platform. Our job is to keep working at it, not giving up, tweaking where necessary, but always working the process.

That's it: focus and consistency. I can do that.

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dunbar Premium
yep it will be hard but I recond I can do that to cheers Helen
phoenix2 Premium
Yes you can! Thanks for the post.