Triple 7's - my current rank!

Last Update: August 31, 2016

777 - I feel like there should be lots of bells, whistles, and money pouring down.

I woke up today completely stressed because the amount of work I would be facing today.

But then I logged into my WA page and saw those sweet, beautiful 7's.

It's a sign - a small sign to tell me I'm absolutely on the right path even though I'm frustrated by my lack of time and current inability to put more work into building my site.

Today of all days I needed this sign.

Thanks WA! I actually wouldn't mind if my rank stayed the way it is right now for the next week or two. I need those 7's.


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Ivine Premium
Hi Deb, just keep pushing. Irv.
JudeP Premium
All the best pushing forward even more hunny - in fact you're showing at 773 now! :)
tyrellch Premium
Trinity is always powerful, may you have a sevenfold blessing on all seven things you do for the next seven days.
Scareyfast Premium
Lol, ok, first time I smiled today. I on eggshells too. Never enough time, then found out I didn't click a box for a new window on my affiliate site. Now, I just read about ten reasons I'll loose my Amazon account. Lol Don't even think I looked at my rank today. Later
DonCristo Premium
The other day mine was 1111 and stayed that way for 2 whole days!! :-D
SailinPeace Premium
Love it!