Having a Good Foundation

Last Update: July 26, 2016

We have heard time and time again that "every good home starts with a good foundation."

This is also true for almost everything in life. Having a good starting point can help anyone grow in any business or adventure.

It is almost like planning a vacation (holiday). This is something I have been going over the last few weeks. In our family we have different schedules and not a ton of money to spend traveling. This year we decided to that we will save some money for a bigger vacation next year and take a short trip this year.

So where do we go, for how long, and when?

This is kind of like our business. Where do we go or which niche do we proceed with? How much time will we spend on this business on a daily bases? What time of the day can we dedicate to our business? These questions can help you build your foundation to your business inside WA.

Back to our vacation this year. We decided that because we all love heading to the beach that a short trip to Rhode Island was in our plans. We have gone to this location in the past for a day trip with the family. This year was going to be a little different.

Since I will have my boys during my youngest sons birthday. This years foundation would be a birthday / family trip to Rhode Island. Brady loves video games and simple foods. Everyone gets their choice of dinners for the birthday. So to combined the two things of video games and food, Dave & Buster's is going to be our stop on our trip to the beach.

My point is this. Like a home, a trip, or a business, having the a good foundation can make it a success. Wealth Affiliate is a great foundation for anyone thinking of starting a home online business. You will find everything you need to help you establish the foundation to help you build.

Good Luck and to your success.


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ArtysueloC Premium
I agree Ken and hopefully that's what I am establishing here at WA.
Thanks for the insight!

sag3 Premium
If you follow the course and master each step. You will have a good foundation to build a strong business.
theresroth Premium
Excellent, Ken, thanks!
JudeP Premium
Strong foundations are essential in everything we do :)
sag3 Premium
Great to have the tools to build our foundation.
justinohia Premium
Having a good base is to work
LizPB Premium
I love Dave & Buster's!! Have a great time and happy birthday to Brady.

On a side note, WA is a great foundation. I don't know where I'd be with it ;-)
sag3 Premium
Thank You Liz...Looking forward to our first visit.
WA is the best foundation I have ever used.