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April 23, 2017
After contemplating many things in life we sometimes find ourselves hitting a wall. We try building or moving forward and our wheels keep spinning. Occasionally we get stuck in the same rut we where in like a truck stuck in the mud. The more we spin those wheels, our forward progress just does not happen. How do we prevent this from happening?Something that maybe as simple as getting a fresh start. Sometimes in life getting a fresh start can change everything. For example: If you have ever gone
January 26, 2017
I have been asking myself this question over and over in the last few weeks. I seem to run into some road blocks every now and then. My mind starts playing tricks on me so I begin to follow it and lose focus on the "BIG PICTURE."What is the "BIG PICTURE" and what is it all about?I'm sure i am no the only one here that falls into that rut. Seems like nothing is going in the right direction and we lose focus Then when we realize what just happens, the hole starts getting deeper. Were do I start t
January 01, 2017
December 30, 2016
What is you New Years Resolutions?Over the last few weeks I have been busy studying some new material. The material is not totally new however. I have been getting ready for an exam for a chief officer position in a local community. I have to become familiar with over 400 pages of state and regional laws. If you have ever taken the time to read laws you feel my pain.Since the New year is upon us I have decided to dedicate myself to this new adventure in my life. I have 6 more day to get myself
December 22, 2016
The next few weeks will be crazy for myself and my family. So I will be taking a short break from WA. Before I go I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year. I would also like to know which you prefer? Here is a few stats for you.
November 06, 2016
My fall clean up is now complete, while means summer has come to an end. This also will be allowing me, like many other, to regain focus on our website(s). The summer months make things difficult to remain focused. Between the family gathering, sporting events, and the occasional vacation. Where does one find time to enjoy working?Now that the summer is over it is time to get a fresh start on all of our business adventures. The best place to start is to re-evaluate our goals. This year is almos
October 08, 2016
I'm not one for looking for a lot of attention or asking for people give me gifts. Recently, August 25, I reached the mile stone of turning 50 years old. What does this mean to turn 50?To turn 50 we think of this as a great accomplishment. After all in most cases this means that you are now officially "OVER THE HILL." In my grand mothers case it just meant she was half way to her mile stone which she reached in June. YES, my grand mother turned 100 on June 7th.What does it mean to turn 50 for m
July 26, 2016
We have heard time and time again that "every good home starts with a good foundation." This is also true for almost everything in life. Having a good starting point can help anyone grow in any business or adventure. It is almost like planning a vacation (holiday). This is something I have been going over the last few weeks. In our family we have different schedules and not a ton of money to spend traveling. This year we decided to that we will save some money for a bigger vacation next year an
Lately things have been just crazy, not just in my personal life, but online. What do I mean?In your personal life things begin to pile up. You begin to start one project, just to notice that there are 3 more things needing your attention. Doing some simple math, for every 1 project you are doing, you have 3 more to do. This gives you 4 projects all needing your attention. But in reality thats 16 projects or is that 64. I don't know things just keep piling up. So what do you do?Restart and prio