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June 02, 2016
I remember the days a bit over 1 and a half years ago when I started my journey here at WA.I remember the post that I made about my goals and my goal was to make $1500 per month at the 1 ½ year mark. Well I've more than surpassed it making $4000-5500 per month now.I've learned a lot from other sources also and implemented their strategies and it has paid off.But WA has given the absolute basics that you should have in pristine condition all the other things are just icing on the cake so
I joined wealthy affiliate 10 months ago. I had no experience with any of this internet marketing stuff and stumbled here because of pure luck.At first this site gave me so much hope and something new to strive for and the idea that I could actually make money through my efforts was an intriguing concept I have to admit!At that point I made a promise myself to write my first blog post when I've made some money through my efforts learned here at WA.And the day has finally come!So to give a bit o