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Last Update: June 16, 2015

Working on content for my website is not always easy and I get distracted. As that happens, I have decided to blog about some of the things I am being distracted by. This time it is the future of the Internet. This, to me, is kind of important since I am entrepreneur with an internet based business idea.

When I first came to WA, one of the things that jumped out to me was Kyle's missive about there being 2 billion users of the Internet. The possibilities with so many people surfing the web are endless! So, my ears perked up as I was listening to National Public Radio the other day and a story about Internet access and Internet users came on.

Google and Facebook are working like crazy to bring the Internet to people now currently able to access it. Why? Well, there are at least 3 billion more souls out there who don't have access to all that Internet has to offer and, "according to the World Bank and global non-profits, the Internet is like electricity: a must-have for anyone trying to make it today" (Shahani, 2015). That is an important reminder for those of us trying to use this medium to make a living.

As more and more people gain access (yes, I know, there are 7 billion people on the planet and I am accounting for roughly 5 billion but some are children or unable to access the Internet) and more markets open due the balloons launched by Google or the initiatives launched by Facebook, the endless opportunities are going to become even more vast and endless. There will be consumers for all the niches we can think of and then some. And by consumers, I don't mean just customers but potential idea sharers, partnerships, change-agents, dream makers, etc.

What I am getting at is: connection.

Our connections are going to grow and the question is: are we ready to grow with them? Something to ponder as I procrastinate.

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anthrovol Premium
I always think about the internet audience and what would be interesting content for them. Google just wants to sell them something and I would seek to provide relevant and compelling content. The audience that speaks English and has computers and smart phones is pretty much already covered. The remaining billions are very different. For those places where the only computer is in the tribal chiefs grass hut with one old lady who can translate from English; it's a whole different world. I haven't figured out how to provide them with relevant and compelling content yet.
Prestones Premium
Our connections cannot grow if we fail to make those first tenuous connections.

Perhaps that first sentence is the beginning of a profound comment, but I won't ever know, since the time I've spent on this response is all I have for procrastination.

I have tenuous connections to make!

Saca Premium
Connect, Dennis, Connect! :-)
stephhill Premium
This is an very insightful post. There are many people who are unable to access the internet the same way in which we all take it for granted. Although, slightly different, but a related topic nonetheless, I blogged recently on web accessibility:
Saca Premium
Thank you for the comment and the link.. I appreciate the information in your blog post as well and plan to use it.