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Hello I am excited to have stumbled across this site - thank you Steve! I understand the concept of affiliate marketing but don't have the confidence





Google's privacy policy plug in?

Google's privacy policy plug in?

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I have installed it into my Wordpress website... now what?

I installed the template Kyle suggested and modified it. That works perfectly.

You've got some good advice here. Much better not to use the plug in and just create a privacy policy page.

It would be easier to follow Kyle's training and copy/paste the privacy page he provides. Too many plugins will slow your site down, I've heard of people's Affiliate programs cancelling their membership with them because of their site's loading time being too slow. That can happen with to many plugins.

Oh so he does get to it eventually!!! Thank you for that! I am working through Cert 3 and haven't heard anything to follow yet! I will just be patient and keep going!

It's in Course 2 Lesson 9. You must have missed it.

Here is the training: You do not need a plugin for things like this, just remember that every plugin that you add to your website will incrementally "bloat" your site by slowing it down.

If there is something that you can do efficiently, but in a manual way (like a privacy policy) then I recommend that you avoid using a plugin for it.

Thank you soooooo much!!!

Hi, Danielle!
Why have you installed that plugin? You'll need others plugin, and the number is limited because they slow down your website load.
It's easier to make a page and to copy the Privacy Policy into it.
Hope that helps.

Oh thank you Cristina! That sounds much easier!! Lol!

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