Tis The Season

Last Update: November 07, 2016

So, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We have 14 more days to be ready to serve the Jay, OK community. This could mean up to 500 meals being served. We are collecting the donations now for this dinner. On Wednesday night before the men are over at the Senior Center pealing 100 pounds of potatoes. The women gather in the basement of the church to remove all the turkey from the bone. 15 turkeys!

Kenny and Jimmy are ready to serve!

We serve from 11 AM til the food is gone but before we do we have drivers ready to deliver to the local people who can not get out. That usually means about 170 dinners. Our town is only 2 miles long so to me that is a lot of deliveries. So many people look forward to this every year. Even the volunteers...we have one volunteer, her name is Fran -

don't know where she lives but she comes to work in the pie room faithfully every year and she is 83 years old.

Notice the new picture of me? That's Mrs Clause with 2 of her elves. Mrs Clause is kind of like Angel Tree. Thanks to Toys for Tots we already have toys for about 300 children. We have a few boxes out in the community so I'm hoping for another 200 toys. We rarely get for teens but occasionally we may get a skateboard or basketballs. I am so hoping that we get some this year, young teens in need are often forgotten at Christmas. Having a heart for children is a big thing for me but I also have a secret heart for Senior Citizens, I save miniature stuffed animals for them. You should see how they react!

Well the yellow house is done and rented and now hubby and I are renovating an old rock house. Had to pull out the floor in the kitchen, an old in floor furnace and all the old iron pipes for water and sewer.

Today is the big day, we vote for a new President! No matter who gets in office I know we are in for a lots of changes one way or the other! It's like waiting for someone in surgery, pacing the floor, praying, you just don't know until the doctor comes out and tells you...

Stay tuned for the next adventure of the many faces of Ruth Robinson. Be happy!

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