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May 25, 2017
Very soon we will be in June and here in Oklahoma you would think that the calendar has stopped in February. We had 46 degree temp this morning. Most unusual.I started a new job. I am now driving for a really great company that is basically an elite taxi service. We can carry wheelchairs as well. This makes us able to transport anyone who needs a ride. The clients appreciate the service and speak highly of the service and the regular dispatcher and as well as the drivers that make them feel imp
March 07, 2017
Well March has arrived and this is the third month of the year. 9 more to go before it's over. Babies are born in 9 months time, unless you are an elephant. That means now that i have been stirred up by my boot camp training I actually have a list of things to do and write about in my web site.This is going to be great because of the topic I've chosen is very me and I'm addicted to it there should be no problems in getting my web site up and running soon.Maintain control an composure. That's wh
February 23, 2017
What a month, well it's almost gone. End of year reports, taxes for bunches of people, plus all the regular stuff and then a class on Church Compliance for the IRS jst to let us know everywhere changes are being made. So thankful I am not alone.Just like here at WA, you don't have to tackle anything alone. Nothing beats TEAM WORK, T-ogether E-veryone A-ccomplishes M-uch! Some say Achieves More and that's OK too. When you finally realize that you were never made to go it alone it gets easier to
January 06, 2017
It's arrived! It happens every year at this time. We wait so expectantly by the time Christmas is over and then it finally happens... A New Year! Yea, we get to start all over. A new year and first day in the first month, new plans of how I'm going to do it different this year. All the holiday rush is over! Now in 18 degree weather I can just stay home, keep warm and sit in front of my computer. Right? Not quite.But this year my goal is to build my website that will be the talk of the town. Th
November 17, 2016
It's a love hate relationship. Sometimes it's everything I want it to be and then Nothing I ever imagined! The end of the year - when all the festivities kick in, when people love to give and share and talk of so many good things. It's Great!!Then you have The Books! Oh the end of the year accounting, balancing, reports! Catching up and filling in all the blanks you may have missed throughout the year. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? I wear a lot of hats in my small town community and
November 09, 2016
Ok, Blogging time.What a day!, We inventoried the toys we have so far and with the stuffed animals we got 320 so far. YEA!All the prom dresses got put away until Prom time comes around again, we have 198 left. We have received more donations for the Thanksgiving Dinner and 2 more places are allowing us to put a Toys for Tots box out to gather toys.Now onto Internet Business...Chariot of God's Love is my newest website. I have a long way to go before it is worth something but i am going to use i
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November 07, 2016
So, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We have 14 more days to be ready to serve the Jay, OK community. This could mean up to 500 meals being served. We are collecting the donations now for this dinner. On Wednesday night before the men are over at the Senior Center pealing 100 pounds of potatoes. The women gather in the basement of the church to remove all the turkey from the bone. 15 turkeys! Kenny and Jimmy are ready to se
September 18, 2016
Well. today is Monday September 19, 2016 and 60 years I entered into this world knowing nothing. I had no idea as the years traveled past me that I would continue on learning so many things, meeting so many people and get to do so many things for the benefit of so many. Life can be dull, boring and a real pain or it can be the greatest adventure anyone can travel. My experiences just the last 20 years have been totally amazing but one thing above all I learned and continue to keep in front of m
September 10, 2016
OK Time to get real serious! I came here to learn how to build websites and make money on the internet. So I've jumped to Boot Camp. I have so much to learn and BIG tweaking to do on my website.I am going to leave alone for a little while and start with my old faithful.I know some of you are following me and it looks like I'm not doing anything but knowing me you have to know I AM! Thanksgiving is coming up real fast and I have to take the lead to pull together the Community Mea
September 09, 2016
Just got to share the news?It's seems like every time I learn about something really great I want everyone to know about it. There are so many things available from around the world and especially right here in America. It kinda makes me feel bad that some things are only available to the US and Canada when it's right here because I have friends and family in India and around the world that I love and care about and things aren't available to them.This past week on my husbands 75th birthday I l