The First Kiss Is Always The Best

Last Update: July 18, 2015

Well it a happened. I got my first referral. I have been working hard everyday and the training here a WA has paid off. If you could welcome him I would greatly appreciate. He he at Like all of us I know he is probably a little over whelmed at the moment, but everyone here is able to make people feel welcome like you did with me. Thanks for your help.

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Maxiam59 Premium
done and congratulations all the best
Tanya52 Premium
SStarrs Premium
Congrats ! Done .
Hope you get lot's more referrals.
BVisan Premium
Congrats! Done and followed. Cheers!
seamus185 Premium
Well done, it must be a great feeling to succeed after so much hard work and effort. Hopefully you will get plenty more in the near future.