How To Write Your First Blog

Last Update: July 25, 2015

I have only been here a short time but I have already noticed the biggest problem people have at WA is creating content. Many people seem a mental block when it comes to this aspect of the business. I am going to you the techniques I use to create content.

  • First don't worry about the quality of the the first draft. Your content will never be perfect. No one is perfect. Not even the writers on Madison Ave. I still haven't learned to walk on water.
  • Get away from all distractions. With the TV on and the kids screaming and your partner trying to get your attention. Well you know the drill.
  • Write about what you know. Don't try to fake it. People are not stupid. They will see through any type of deception.

How do we find that first word? Well the internet if full of them. Lets go find some.

I just picked these keywords at random. As you can see these are have between 4 and 5 words in each keyword. These are what people are searching for on the internet. They are not fully researched so I am not certain how the would perform in a blog. Lets decide on a heading. Don't worry whatever comes to mind we put it to paper. Let start. First we want to meet our audience. We are targeting people that are interested in starting their own business.

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Lets take a look at the best affiliate marketing networks on the internet. I don't know what your level of expertise is but everyone can benefit from this information. Being on the internet for many years has given me some insight to look at these programs that have been on the internet for many years and I have looked at free affiliate marketing programs. The sites are endless. You search and you look for the best affiliate marketing tools and you become frustrated with the lack of real content that you can connect with. When you do research on this sites your even more discouraged. The first one you are interested has so many up sells you feel your credit credit will max out before you are through the sign up process.

I am going to leave the content like this to show you that the first time around is not going to be perfect. But the process is started. You have already created content. Right now it doesn't matter how much. The fact you have started is the most important thing.

Also carry a pad around with you at all times. There is no negotiation with this. You have ideas all the time. Even when your in the bathroom. Don't stop writing.It doesn't have to be pertinent to your website. Because like any skill writing improves with practice. Don't think about it, just do it. "Time is not short, Only life is"

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SamiWilliams Premium
Thank you for a nuts and bolts approach! This is how I have been working within my site and drafts. I have several drafts going that need find tuning, and different material comes to mind- so start another- the ideas do stop and start! Not always on my schedule.
SStarrs Premium
Hi Stephen.
I am not good at doing blogs
If I see something I have read or been sent an E-mail I will pass it on .
I hope to learn how to blog better . I will try your tips.
Thanks for sharing.
rushmore1954 Premium
Hi Shirley your Irish. Even though I am American I think I am Irish at heart. I love the accent. You can do the blogs, trust me. Just start writing and don't stop. Here's one for you. How to differentiate the between luck and commitment. You being Irish (I am stereotyping here) that you are the luckiest people in the world. It doesn't matter how much luck you have it never holds a candle to commitment. There is your next blog. You should have it up and running by tomorrow. Good luck. Time is not short, only life is.
LLiu Premium
Thank you for all that great information and it helps when you go to write your content...which I am at time's struggling with. I will stop and go then stop and go. Gee! I am not sure that I will ever have this website up and running.
mijareze Premium
Thank you-siper helpful!
KimAnn Premium
Thanks for this Stephen! I have been struggling with the must-write-content-but-start-then-stop-never-to-actually-publish problem. I get started then I sabotage the effort getting distracted and doing other things instead. After several weeks of struggling like this without getting 1 single blog entry finished, I have come to the conclusion that it's all about a lack of self confidence in what I have to say. But I will not quit! Your post helped me to know that mine is not an uncommon problem, and it has encouraged me to soldier on. I appreciate it.
rushmore1954 Premium
Kim before I came here I wrote maybe 5 posts in 2 years. I have been here for 3 weeks and I have written 30 posts, built 1 website with 2 more about to be finished. All because someone said to me one day. Don't worry about the quality when you write, just write. Good luck Kim. If you need any help or any ideas don't hesitate to contact me. The mountain is always here. "Time is not short, Only life is"
KimAnn Premium
"Don't worry about the quality..." is good advice for me, too, I think. Thank you for passing it along. I l-a-b-o-r-e-d and even fully-re-wrote the current landing page for my site. And I've realized that if all posts are going to take that much effort, my output will be similar to your 5 posts in 2 years. I will take your advice (passed on) to heart. Thanks again, and best of luck with the multiple websites!