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Hello, LarryS23 here. I presently live in Colorado with my wife
Cynthia. We met on line (Christian Mingle) in Feb 2013,met in person April
2013 and got married in July 13,2013 at 1300. It was love at first sight for
both of us and we are truly blessed. I have struggled for years trying to earn
money online with no success. With the support and training available here
in this community I believe my search over.
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Mac01 Premium
Hello there!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and congratulations on going Premium. You've chosen a great way to start off the new year.

If you need any assistance during your journey at WA, I am more than happy to help in any way I can.

Feel free to check out my website: 'Legit Ways to Earn Money Online', it might give you a few ideas on getting started (feel free to leave a comment on it also!)


Best of luck with your online endeavours!

Thomas :)
mrwalt01 Premium
Outstanding job on upgrading to premium. I wish you much success here at WA and I look forward to seeing you at the top.

Jeg12 Premium
Hey There
Welcome to WA premium.
You have made a great investment in your future.
The training is awesome and the community is world class.
Hope you enjoy your ride here wit WA.
All the best
upsgirl Premium
CONGRATS! You made a wise decision to invest in your future online businesses! We are always here for you so don't hesitate to ask for help! Again, CONGRATS! See you in the Community!
jmutisy5 Premium
Hello Larry, my name is Joseph and I take this time to welcome you to WA. Wish you success.
Earningwow Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium you will love it!
Krisbar96 Premium
Good to see you hear!!
ShannonSB Premium
Congratulations on going Premium. You have just opened up Pandora's box of resources. The community here is the best and will truly help you with any problems or questions. The lessons are so easy to follow and made so awesomely. Just remember in order to reach the highest level of success - website FIRST - socializing second. Still - stay active in the community - that will help your rank here within WA and it's a very important piece of your true future success. If you ever need anything feel free to reach out to me. Please follow me.
vic62 Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. Congratulations on going Premium. I hope you are enjoying the training and wish you the best success
SJB Premium
Hello and welcome to Premium! It has brought so many positive aspects to my life as I am sure it will for yours as well! :)
grdfoster Premium
Hi Larry. Thank you for being part of my network! Success to you here at WA!!
SkipWhitten Premium
Hi Larry,
Thanks for the folow!! Wishing you much success on WA!!
TonyHamilton Premium
Larry, my Wife Lisa and I got married on 1-13-2013 but not at 1300 - We got married right at midnight because I told Her that I wanted our first day of marriage to be a complete day. Thank You for connecting and Happy 2nd Anniversary for last month.
Larrys23 Premium
Thank you Tony
ChrisBL Premium
Hi Larry great story, it's nice to hear those love stories. I wish you every success and bags of good fortune.
Anewcreature Premium
Thank you so much for your follow and i trust that you are quite successful with your online endeavors.
rushmore1954 Premium
Good for you Larry. My wife is from Brazil and with me is was love at first site. She really took my heart. Congrats. I like your website. Mostly I love the pic. Same one on my computer screen saver. Good choice. Time is not short only life is.
JeanR Premium
Hi Larry, Welcome to WA and Thanks for the follow. Much Success to you here in WA and In Life..
JeanL Premium
Hello, Larry. Very nice meeting you!
afred Premium
Hi Larry! I am just stopping by to thank you for your follow. I also would like to welcome you to WA. It is a pleasure meeting you. WA is choke full of information and a very helpful community to boot. I'm sure you will fulfill all your goals you have set forth here at WA. I wish you much success.~Amy
Larrys23 Premium
Hello community , I just finished my website please visit and offer suggestions or comments. http://wealthpalsaffiliates.com thanks
craig6 Premium
Hi Larry ,many thanks for the follow...best wishes for your future here at WA,Jay
MarionBlack Premium
Hi Larry, welcome to WA and my network. ~Marion
Larrys23 Premium
Thank you Marion, I briefly read some of your training posts which
were very helpful. I am overwhelmed by the WA community. I
finally found a home for learning that is unlimited. Bless all who
help others.
deborah732 Premium
Welcome to WA!
phydel Premium
Congratulations on going premium...I can assure you that you have made the best decision of your life...Contact me anytime you need help..and I will provide you with the help you need as soon as possible. Once again welcome to this new experience
Garden77 Premium
This is Glenn a fellow premium member like your self dropping by to say special welcome, lots of success and most of all have fun building your online presence
divadejunk Premium
Welcome to WA. Congratulations on upgrading to Premium. WA is the best place I've found to build and grow a successful online business. All the best.
ajmmdm1983 Premium
Thank you for Following. I hope you make great achievements with your Time spent here on WA, and I wish you Success in making all of your Goals come true!
ajmmdm1983 Premium
Welcome to Premium happy to have you with us.
Larrys23 Premium
Thank you for following me, I am just getting started today,I will
likely need some help soon.
ajmmdm1983 Premium
Ok, Just ask and I or someone will do the best we can to help you!
IveTriedThat Premium
Hey Larry! Just wanted to follow up and see how you're doing so far. Hope you've been enjoying the training offered here and the community as well.

I wanted to share with you a training I wrote here at Wealthy Affiliate. It's called "9 Tips for Internet Marketing Beginners" and it walks you through some of the things I've learned since joining Wealthy Affiliate over 5 years ago. Check it out below and leave a comment to let me know what you think!
IveTriedThat Premium
Hey Larry, just checking to see how things are going! Just wanted to pop by as I noticed that you had set-up your profile here at WA and say hi and offer my help if there is any confusion.

Simply drop me a reply if you do need a hand with anything. :)
RPludeJr Premium
Hello Larry, great story. know that your in the right place with Wealthy Affiliates. Your story will be that much greater. Good stuff and good luck.
IveTriedThat Premium
Hey Larry and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

My name is Steve and I'm the owner of IveTriedThat. You signed up through me and I thought I'd tell you a little about myself. I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2009, over 5 years ago. I was looking to learn how to supplement my income through Internet Marketing and what I've found was so much more.

By 2010, I was working full-time from home. These days, ALL of my income comes from my ventures online. In fact, my wife just recently quit her job to start her own business as well. Internet Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate have provided us with amazing opportunities (we've bought a house, get to travel the world, and best of all, no longer spend time "going to work") and I'm incredibly thankful to the training, tools, and support here that made it all possible. :)

I'd love for you to see the same level of success. So, if you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am here to help!

To get started, you should add a short description and upload a picture. Wealthy Affiliate is a community and having a profile and a picture will really help get you acquainted here.

Anyways, thought I would just introduce myself. If there's anything I can do for you Larry, just let me know!



PS. Hit the reply button and say hi so I know you made it here OK!
Larrys23 Premium
Hi Steve, I am looking forward to getting info from your online experience. Have you heard about Patric Chan's program called
CB Passive Income? I joined it 2 days and now I think I should ask
for a refund through clickbank. I should have checked them out
before spending time and money. PS I am retired living on SS and
I want more to fulfill my life. Thanks for your support in advance.
IveTriedThat Premium
We reviewed it here. http://www.ivetriedthat.com/2013/08/28/passive-incomes-are-never-passive-taking-a-look-inside-cb-passive-income/ My suggestion: get a refund and invest in WA. You get much more for your investment.