Day 8: Choose Your Web Hosting Wisely!

Last Update: December 27, 2014

Today turned out to be a head hung low day for me. Originally, I had planned on making full use of SiteRubix here on WA. Well, why the hell not I was thinking to myself. I was already paying for Premium and website hosting was included. So bonus I’m thinking!!!

Well, not so fast. Turns out that SiteRubix is severely limited. Limited to only free themes and plugins. As it turns out they block out going requests to remote servers. Those outgoing requests are extremely necessary in order to be able to register, activate AND upgrade those paid themes & plugins. So if you are planning on making any kind of serious affiliate income, you best be looking at moving your websites to another hosting company!! Totally inconvenient to say the least!!!

However, if you are just starting out, then this is a great platform for getting your feet wet with the whole concept of websites until such time as you literally grow out of them and need to up your affiliate marketing game.

So the day was spent moving my affiliate websites off SiteRubix and onto Amazon servers. I decided to host my websites on Amazon EC2, because I didn’t want to have any more limitations thrust upon me on my affiliate sites. It’s just too costly to troubleshoot and rectify!

Unless you are REALLY technically savvy with Linux and an Apache webserver, moving to Amazon servers would not be in your best interest. I would highly suggest that you research other hosting companies that would be a better match for your situation and which would still, in the end, lift those limitations imposed on you by SiteRubix!!

So, another lost day here.However, I’m thinking in the end this was a situation that was for the best. AND, I've got screaming fast servers now!!!!

Now that this whole server thing is sorted out, I can get started on getting my content up to speed.

Until tomorrow…


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DWestbury Premium
Hi Rudy,
Love the daily blogs, very informative and helpful. Must say I'm very impressed with what you've achieved over the last 8 days...looks good, love the simplicity of your webpage and how it takes you straight to the information. Awesome videos..
Went to and and I couldn't find anyway of contacting you or leaving a comment. Is this intentional or you haven't got to that yet? I'll comment here..
A couple of questions with regards to this post, is the hosting on WA all SiteRubix even when you are a premium member? I'm looking at upgrading to a paid WP theme, will this not work on WA?
Waiting in anticipation for your next blog, keep up the amazing work, thanks in advance for the help with the questions..
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help...
RudyStebih Premium
Thanks David for following my blogs. Yes, at this time there is no commenting feature available on the website. However, I just finished adding my social share buttons, and the commenting is next in line.

Yes, the hosting on WA is all through SiteRubix. You will have a problem with the paid WP theme as I did and so I would not expect it to function properly here.

Your best bet is to located another web host without the SiteRubix limitations!!
DWestbury Premium
Thanks Rudy will look into it!
bluediamonds Premium
Thankyou for this info Rudy....very helpful
RudyStebih Premium
Your welcome. Glad I can be of help to you...