Day 7: It’s All About The Video... No Treble!

Last Update: December 24, 2014

Day 7 turned out to be an extremely productive day and am VERY happy with the results!!!

I managed to get 50 blog posts or in this case video scripts written. That’s right… Fifty!!! These videos will be the heart of my marketing campaign for my affiliate site and will be spread across the entire internet. My marketing campaign strategy will be revealed in a latter blog post.

I also managed to create one sample video to make sure that they would turn out. As a bonus just for those of you who are taking the time to read my blog posts and follow along with my affiliate roadmap here on WA, I am going to give you an exclusive advanced screening. The video is currently unlisted so you’ll need a link to be able to view it. You can view it here:

And lastly, I also managed to get a video blog post created for the website. The style of blog post I’ll be utilizing is one of which the video will be front and center, along with the video transcript for text and screenshots to support the text. The text will also act as an SEO component for search engine rankings. As well as for Google to understand just what is being said in the video.

You can now see the video blog post here:

Looking forward to Day 8 as I have planned on creating 4 more video blog posts to complete the foundation of my affiliate site. Starting to get really excited here!!!

Stay tuned..


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gmegs Premium
That's AWESOME Rudy!
... what a great job - Wow, I'm really impressed!
RudyStebih Premium
Thank you!!!