Day 6: Designed To Convert

Last Update: December 21, 2014

I’m a bit late on getting Day 6 blog post out. Was busy getting caught up from yesterdays non productive day. Made a LOT of progress...

Today’s goals:

  1. Landing page
  2. Video Scripts

Most of the day was spent on the landing page. This will be my most important page as all my marketing traffic will point to this page. So I needed it to be highly effective so that it would convert my visitors as much as possible. The framework of the landing page is complete. However, there are just a couple of blank sections in need of video content. Which hopefully I'll have complete in Day 7.

The landing page is the first page for the website or the home page. You can now view the landing page here:

The concept here: simple is best. I wanted a layout that drives the visitors to high-visibility calls to action, helping me (hoping) to boost my conversions. I’m hopeful the red buttons are visible enough to warrant visitors to click.

After creating the landing page, it was off to creating content. And in this case, video content. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I will primarily be concentrating on video marketing. And this is where the keyword search becomes extremely important. As the video titles will be based on those keywords. And since video ranks higher and faster than regular text blog posts, I am expecting to see some good visitor stats.

But, unlike a regular text blog post, there is a fair bit more work involved in getting a video created, let along the 20 videos I want to created.

Over the years of creating videos for other clients, I have developed a procedure that produces the best quality videos in a timely fashion. Here is a basic overview of the steps I will be following in Day 7 to create those marketing videos. You can see greater detail of my video creation process here on the roadmap (

  1. Create scripts
  2. Voice recording
  3. Audio editing & Mastering
  4. Screen Capturing
  5. Final Editing
  6. YouTube Upload

So I’m back to being in a happy place once again. I’m looking forward to Day 7 where I complete my initial set of marketing videos…


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gmegs Premium
I'd love to see your process of doing your videos Rudy!
RudyStebih Premium
For the time being, you can follow along inside my roadmap. However, I will be planning on creating extensive training outlining the exact keypress and mouse click I do to create those videos...