Organization for the Affiliate Marketing Beginner

Last Update: February 22, 2015

Possibly the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is organization. When starting out there may only be a couple of passwords and websites, a couple of affiliate links etc. But in a very short time there will be 20-30 passwords and user names and 30-40 affiliate links which can become a mess if you aren't careful.

1. Security, it is not a good idea to use the same password for all of your accounts. You should have security in mind as a precaution

2. Create a written list on paper with all of your accounts IE Site addresses user names and passwords. You obviously want to keep this in a secure place.

3. You can also make an excel sheet with all of your sites, user names, and passwords and keep this in a secure place.

4. Create a master excel sheet with your product affiliate links. This way it is easy to copy and paste them into your site as you make changes and gain more affiliates etc.

5. Sign up for a cloud based storage service where you can back things up. Another nice thing about cloud service is you can install the application on multiple computers and get to documents any time anywhere and the documents sync to all devices after a change is made. You could also use a cloud service to make complete backups of your Wordpress site, themes, etc I personally like You get plenty of storage to start and it is FREE. There are also nice little tutorials there.

6. As you build and make changes to your site, it might be a good idea to create a notepad, or text edit document for reach site. You can back up text, but also code in case you want to make a change that turns out undesirable. .

Hope this will help someone as I myself have made the mistake of not thinking about organization before getting too deep in.

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JFergus Premium
As a newbie, this will be very helpful. Thanks for writing!!!
kennnyb Premium
Thank you for this post
Rscahill Premium
Thanks for the comments. floridajf good point. I started using Dropbox some time ago and like the features. It is a personal preference.
floridajf Premium
I actually already have cloud services, they came when I subscribed to Microsoft Office 2013 with 1 TB of storage. Really thought you had some valuable tips though. These are some good organizational methods.
ruana62 Premium
Great advice.