The Power Of The Internet 700% Revenue Increase

Last Update: November 01, 2018

I believe that the Internet has to be the businessman's best friend, it offers huge potential to promote your business, whether an off-line business or online business.

Recently I started a new off-line business and in the past 6 months the revenue has increased by 700%, I believe that most of this is due to the power of the Internet. The Internet has given us many ways to present our business to potential customers. I can remember not very long ago, paying for ads in magazines and wondering if I would get a return on my investment and in actual fact, I often didn't!

Today so many people are using the Internet to search for services and products online, as business people we need to take advantage of the power of the Internet, are you doing this?

I saw this the other day from Internet marketer;

World wide web! So please don't complain that you are short of MONEY.

It's so true, what do you think?

Thank you for reading.


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Kyle Premium Plus
That is wonderful to hear Roy. So happy to hear that your business has seen a 700% increase as a result of the internet! This guy is truly the limit!
Cha8com Premium
Kyle thank u all for the encouraged that it can be done thank you keep it going more..more.
Carol46 Premium
Great news for you, Roy! The internet has certainly changed the face of business!
Cinderella5 Premium
Good read.
spurway Premium Plus
The Internet is a great place now, it makes things happen. I fully agree with you. Online shopping has increased 50 %. People buying like crazy in the comfort of their home. In China, most of the people buy through Taobao an online market great place.Like you said we just have to take advantage of it.
MKearns Premium
Very true. WA and most of the commercial world would not exist without the internet!