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Last Update: March 18, 2020

Hello WA friends! Sorry but I need to rant here.

Those of you who know me, know that I have a plus size clothing blog. Many of you have read my site and have given me very helpful feedback. With the exception of one person. This is feedback I got the other day:

"I just reviewed your website it is not bad but instead of showing the clothes of plus size why don't you show the way that people can lose their weight to get to the regular size because you motivate people to just still in that level not losing weight and for somehow is good for those are sick and they born like that they need clothes to fit I hope you don't take my word wrong."

It's kinda hard not to take this wrong. Especially since a good share of my blog discusses body positivity and finding self-esteem and getting confidence to be who you are without worrying about all the judgmental comments and destructive societal norms. The person obviously did not read my blog, or they would have gotten that point.

I think SiteFeedback is for the structure of your website and the quality of your content, not to criticize someone's niche. I am all about constructive criticism and welcome anyone to read my site and give me pointers on how to make my site better. But I don't appreciate being told that my niche is wrong.

According to research from Coresight, the plus-size market is expected to grow to $24 billion in the U.S. by 2020, with an annual growth rate about twice that of the total clothing market. So, whether this person agrees with me or not, I'm going to continue as I am.

I guess what this person's comment does is reinforce what I've been saying in my website (and what LOTS of people are saying in my niche). Haters are going to hate, and there will always be some judgmental self righteous person that needs to put others down because they are insecure about themselves, We, who are NOT the socially accepted... I mean, socially demanded body type, need to ignore these people and do what we must do to feel our best and be our best, and ignore people who judge. I would hope that people reading my site would learn a little something about fat shaming, and the fact we who are fat no longer will just sit here and take it.

Sorry, I had to vent. Thanks for reading.

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WilsonP Premium
Hi Rhonda, I would take that comment with a pinch of salt. He or she may be a size 24+ and would benefit from information how to lose weight. In the meantime probably would benefit from your foresight of having a website making plus sizes accessible.
Continue with your business and good luck.
mondrawork Premium
wow! Congratulations! I read your blog and i must say that i am really surprised, you really caught my attention because your post is very interessant and attractive and i had to read it all. You have done a great work and I hope to hear from you soon.

Linda103 Premium
We definitely need a refuse button in site feedback Rhonda.
Such comments don't really come under spam, but we should be able to refuse them. I too have had really stupid comments in site feedback. Those I could contact I pointed out that it wasn't constructive site feedback.
Trouble is, as long as they earned their money they don't care and as you cannot refuse the comments, they still get paid.
Glad you are ignoring this ridiculous person.
Dave07 Premium
Hi Rhonda
The way the comment is written is more of a reflection on the writer than you or your site.
I’ve seen your site and thought it was great and in a niche which offers genuine help to others.
I would hit the delete button on that comment, forget it and move on with building your excellent business 🙂