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Last Update: Mar 15, 2022

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Hello to Everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate,

I thought today will be another unproductive day same as yesterday, as I can't figure out how to continue and finish my article for my new website.

Instead of getting blanked out yesterday, I went to check my old website and remodeled my homepage. Then I was able to apply for Amazon Canada's affiliate program... so that made up for my unproductivity in content creation.

Today, I can't still get it going although I have already placed what topics I want to discuss. But my brain isn't functioning as it used to.

Anyways, the day is getting old when I received a message on one of my social media.

My first Offline Client

I didn't realize that it will become my first offline client when she opened they will need part-time services the same as what I am offering on my new website.

Agreed Collaboration

As it is one of the goals of my new website, I must grab every opportunity that comes along. So we have agreed with the collaboration (as per project bases).

The client is from Austria by the way.

Again, unproductive with my content creation but something happened that made my day relevant.

Sometimes strange things do happen that could still turn in our favor.

So just keep on pushing and don't give up on reaching our goals!

To Our Success!


Recent Comments


Very well done. A client in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. Lol, something like that anyway.
But I’m the same, you take your money where it falls.

Thanks, Stephen... yes I much prefer this kind of setup.

Wonderful news Rowe! Well done! :-)


Thanks a lot, Mel... because of that I need a visual and you've given me an idea to get a whiteboard :). I went for a walk and came back with a whiteboard lol

Thanks for that.



Walang anuman, Rowe! I am glad I was able to be of some assistance. :-)


That's great, Rowe.
Try freewriting; it helps me with new ideas.
Keep going.
All the best.

Thanks for the tip Muslimah.
Sometimes I do this also, just write what comes to my mind then pick out what is relevant.

I think you are right, I need to do it often.


Hey, that's great. Get that ball rolling!


Thanks, Terry, much appreciated.
A small start I need that will get this side of my business rolling.


There ya go, Rowe!
You put the effort, it will eventually get rewarded. Often in ways you wouldn't have predicted.
Keep rolling, and keep thriving!

Thank you very much, Al.
Yes, you're correct sometimes the unexpected happens... of course, the good side of it is what we all want.

Thanks for the support.


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