Just Got My Work Bonus

Last Update: February 25, 2014

I just got notification of what my bonus will be this morning. And after busting my @ss for the bonus period, I get less money than I did last year. And on top of that, I earned every penny working days, nights and sometimes weekends.

And while I'm grateful to get something, it wasn't nearly what I was expecting. The payout seems tied MOSTLY to company performance and not nearly what I did to help add value and cost savings to my HQs bottom line.

I say all of this to say, that i am more motivated than ever to get my brand new site up and running. I've even been listening to some of the training twice.

Its taken me a long time to realize that the only real way to financial prosperity is the efforts that are DIRECTLY impacted from my efforts and work - and that is owning my own business. I'm not quitting my job tomorrow. But my eyes are definitely open to the fact that I need to take greater control over my financial future. And put more eggs in more baskets.

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tyrellch Premium
That sound way too familiar and I was thinking about that less than an hour ago as I experienced it not long ago. Most companies do that and they don't compensate you when they do better. Your performance for that year is gone.

This is part of your great story you are preparing to write in the future when you have reached your goals. Now you have your performance targets defined, get in that Rover and work to generate that revenue that you, the CEO will decide how it's distributed.

A wish you a hundredfold yield on your effort and an abundantly rewarding journey to financial freedom.
Upon reading this, I can see you're ready to leave the employment scene. Yeah, you don't get much from employment. If you're a lucky one of 29% that happen to like their jobs, then you have a lot to be thankful for. For most of us however, that's not how it goes and on with the up/down cycle of the work week.

Performance points? Yeah, that's a little of what we all used to do in school to get that green star next to our names for good behavior. I've not had to deal with this type of thing now since I got fired from my job in 2010.

I'm still not able to completely support myself via WA, but I'm not too far off from that now. It does cover about 3/4ths of my expenses now.

This will be the first month coming up where most of my expenses are being paid for by commissions from here.

I'm curious about the "1411", what that is. I know it was a notable year in the Renaissance, but assuming that this isn't what it means.

I hope you're doing okay with your work on here and if you need any assistance, I'm right here to help.

jespinola Premium
Glad to have you here. :)
RoverGirl Premium
Thanks Jespinola..glad to be here.
jespinola Premium
My pleasure. :)
WrightA Premium
I'm sorry your bonus was not that great. I am glad however that you are part of WA and making your way towards an independent future. You can do it!!
RoverGirl Premium
Thanks BlankenA..i am grateful to get a bonus. But it doesn't reflect my work. I think its a sign to get busy in my blog.
terenzia Premium
Hi tiffany,

Plan well and move on. Good thing you have found WA and you are heading to having your own business where you determine your worth.

All the best of luck

RoverGirl Premium
Thanks Terenzia...this has been a wakeup call for sure.