Heads Up For Those Promoting CBD

Last Update: Nov 3, 2017


Promoting marijuana component cannabidiol (CBD) can be lucrative... however certain claims by companies are now on FDA's bad side:


Affiliates take note!

Recent Comments


The CBD market is cowboys and indians right now and everyone should be careful. Research the company and make sure they are selling what they say they are. CBD can help with Cancer but as other commenters already said The full spectrum extract like Rick Simpson oil will cure cancer! Take it from the Horses mouth I DID IT!.

Thank you for the heads up!

Interesting article. I agree producers of CBD Oil products should not claim their products cure or fight cancer, and they are derived from the industrial hemp plant, not marijuana like this article said. A true marijuana product, Rick Simpson Oil, has been used quite successfully by cancer patients and Parkinson's patients though. I think these companies were really reaching.

Claims are never good. It is a nutritional product and will affect many people differently. Most of the research was not done in the US...

Thanks for the advisory Rosie!

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