Last Update: June 26, 2015

Holy smoke, I just checked my site that I created two days ago, and that I have done absolutely nothing to promote online yet, and it's actually already indexed! Can't tell you how good that makes me feel, and how encouraged. Now all I wanna do with my time is fill it with great content, actually promote it, add affiliate links and see how it all turns out.

Please, please all of you, take action, do the training that is available here on WA, and do not hesitate to ask questions. I am more than happy to answer the ones that I am capable of answering.

Let's do this!

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Godsmack12 Premium
YvetteC2 Premium
Congratulations! You are on your way! Keep up the great work.

Kind Regards,
Eugene Premium
Katrin that is the best feeling you could have and especially when you just have started and have not promoted it yet. Start writing as soon as you can. Congrats
JeannineC Premium
Congrats on getting indexed! It's a special moment indeed! Nothing's gonna stop you now!
Mark1957 Premium
Good morning Katrin.....many congratulations and further positive evidence on your decision to re commit to WA.
Well done, you're obviously thrilled and I'm happy for you.
Rosenbo Premium
Thank you Mark :)