Flaunting My Age. Which is 77 If I Forgot to Brag to You

Last Update: July 15, 2020

No, that photo isn't me... she has wilder hair than I do. And she might even ace me out when it comes to age.

So I'm seventy-seven. That didn't happen recently. In fact, I only have a couple more months before the next number comes along.

So why am I talking about it here? Well, there have been some posts here on WA recently where people in their 60s seemed to think they are old.

I say ha.

Sure, being in your 60s is an achievement. But wait a while longer and see which bones creak more and which other body parts moan and groan. (And leak, but we won't go there.)

Gee, I'm rambling more than I planned to... I think we need a new adjective for that... how about twacky? Or is twackish better? Or twackerly?

The Point I Was Planning to Make

Obviously, I can't help but make the point that us old 'uns can ramble.

But my intended point was this: A lot of old people are very lively.

Including myself here, I'll say: We think, we write, we can be great cooks, we walk our dogs or at least let them pull us along. We get things done. We are creative. We are us, whoever we have been right along.

I noticed this a few years ago, when I was a mere 72. My husband (15 months younger than me, and yes that makes me a cougar) and I moved to Silver City, NM, a town full of artists and writers. And wow, it seemed more of them had gray hair than not. Even the women. I had stopped coloring my hair just before I turned 70.

And as we made new friends here, we both noticed that our friends in their 70s AND their 80s were plenty sharp and full of life.

There's one old guy at my church who is 98. He was the hero of his neighborhood a year or two ago when he called the fire department about a gas leak down the street. Coulda blown a lot of people to Kingdom Come.

SO this is meant to encourage you. Getting older still can mean you are full of vim and vinegar... that is, if you were in the first place. And if you aren't, start practicing!

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RosanaHart Premium
FURTHER THOUGHTS ON GETTING OLDER -- Your beloved partner could die before you. You could get a difficult disease. You could get dementia or Alzheimer's. Your money situation could become drastic. And so on.

Maybe I should have been a bit more balanced in the post. But the fact is, none of these unpleasant things are necessarily going to happen. If they do, you and people who love you will do whatever can be done.

There ARE things to help you keep your mind fresh and sharp, and one of them is blogging and working here at WA. Getting exercise and eating very healthy foods do also help.
CassiOfTroy Premium
So very true, Rosana!

Thank you for your inspiration.
ElizabethRo2 Premium
Oh Rosana, this is so great, thank you for the reminder. I can remember when I was in my 60's now I am way over thanks to my creator he is keeping me going strong. Only thing, I need to get back out there and be more active so the bones will not ache much as they are some days.

Great post.

Stay strong and healthy.

JKulk1 Premium
Hi Rosana . One of my neighbours is turning 101 soon, she walks around the block every morning, walks to the local shop everyday for a paper, rakes the leaves off her lawn, cooks her own meals, cleans her house and drives her car to town to meet up with friends .

She is most certainly an amazing person and in excellent health.

I asked her once how she keeps so healthy and young, her answer was that she danced most days of her life.

As you said, WA also has some amazing youthful, clever, quick-witted senior citizens. I count you as part of that group.

All the best. Jim
Kyle Premium
60 and 70's can be wonderful and amazing years. To give some perspective, look at what can be accomplished from the ages of 20 to 40. Then the same could be said, if not more, between the ages of 60 and 80, or 70 and 90.

I was just out playing tennis with my father in law yesterday, he is 74 and I am 38...he beat me in several of our games!
DianeK59 Premium
Great reminder that age is merely a number! My parents and grandparents lived very long and happy, healthy lives, so I have no intent to give up in my 60's or 70's...or even 90's, God willing. I'm here as long as He wills it.

Thanks for the encouragement!
Here's to another wonderful day (each day that I wake up is a wonderful day!)