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Some days can't be predicted. Today seemed like it would be pretty straightforward, but no. It's Geezer Day, as we call the first Wednesday of the month, when our favorite chain grocery store offers 10% off for people over 50. We usually drive out there then and do the rest of our grocery shopping during the month at stores closer to our house, where we can walk, drive, or Kelly can ride his electric bike. I wasn't planning to go... we will soon have our second Covid-19 vaccinations and I'm mos
It took me a while to get this right. There are two different ways to set up your emails, and you do them both from the same spot.What got me onto the right track was this blog post from Jules73: she referred to this blog post by MozMary who refers to where Kyle has it in the training and summarizes it. now some of my emails come and go through my gmail account, whi
When I look at my husband's laptop, he usually has 8 or 10 emails to deal with. That sounds very nice, but somehow I got up to those numbers in the title. Today it's snowing again and I'm not going anywhere, so my project is to go through those things and get rid of as many as I can. I will answer some, take myself off a lot of lists, and delete old ones I don't need.UPDATE i GOT THE GENERAL ONES DOWN TO ABOUT 150, ONLY DID A FEW WA ONES, BEFORE MY BRAIN TOTALLY FRIED.How numerous are your emai
I wouldn't have thought the week would be so different, but then we rarely do know that in advance, do we? I was blogging and emailing and all the rest of my normal work, But then on Wednesday, a book I had ordered arrived. Danger sign! I got absorbed in it that evening and all the next day. What grabbed me? Love, Life, and Elephants, by Dame Daphne Sheldrick. It begins with her forebears, white settlers in South Africa, moving to Kenya. She was born and grew up in rural Kenya herself, with a
February 06, 2021
I enjoy some of the sig files that people use here. For example,Jeff: both use the same approach, though one is left-handed and the other is right-handed.. I didn't want to use it... I would rather have one that doesn't move around or show a hand signing.Naturally I didn't want to pay. So when I came across a place called cool text dot com (I'm not putt
Do you work at a kitchen table, or at a spot in the living room or dining room? Do you settle down on your bed with your back to the wall? I'm glad to say that while I may spread out batches of papers on the dining room table for an hour or so sometimes, I share a nice home office with my husband. I'm in the office now, and it's very peaceful because he happens to be working in the yard at present. The dogs are out with him, and the cat is asleep on the heater vent near my desk. But even when m
I've been very distracted by a situation a family of our near neighbors are in. I'll just say that their arguments have escalated to really bad, and we can't help but be aware of a lot of it. We see police cars and ambulances sometimes.On the other hand, today my husband was outside chatting with a couple who were on the street above our backyard. I couldn't see them so I went out to see who it was. They immediately said hello, very warmly, but the light was behind them and I had no idea who th
Some years ago, I sold quite a lot through Clickbank. It was when I lived in Mexico, and I had a website on learning Spanish. I sold some Clickbank items on that subject. I also sold some dog-training items from Clickbank for another site I was doing a lot with.But over time I realized that these things were high priced compared to the various ebooks and videos other people began doing. You may remember that I used to be a librarian, and that means I really like to provide people with free info
Today will be a good workday, I can tell already.It snowed yesterday, here in New Mexico, and also during the night. It's still snowing now in mid-morning, and we are under a Winter Storm Warning through late tonight.. This shot is taken from our office window. I'm glad that the office is part of the main floor of the house.So it's a great day for work. The cat is sitting right by my laptop, purring. She's ready. I'm on my second cup of strong black English Breakfast tea, my favorite.What to do
I am not a stranger to Pinterest, but it's been several years since I've posted to it. Back when I did, I was basically using it to drive traffic to my simple living site. I think this was before you could use direct affiliate links from your images.So today I poked around and found this image of my most popular posts there. What I find noteworthy is that all three of these are from 2016 and 2017, and they are still getting attention. I remember feeling a little foolish when I did that chin hai