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It took me over a year, longer than I expected, but I now have a proof copy of my third memoir sitting here right beside my laptop. It's in a spot my cat likes, but this chilly morning she prefers the heater vent. Here is the front cover, with a photo of me from that era.In a nutshell, right after I graduated from Stanford, I was a research subject in a study of the effects of LSD on normal people. My family paid for this as my graduation gift, $500 in 1964 dollars. Laugh if you will but it tu
Who is going to inherit your creative work?This question came up for my husband Kelly and me this week. A friend who is about our age (70s) was over for dinner and then we showed her a 40-minute film called Nowsreal that he had collaborated on back in the sixties. It's about the San Francisco Diggers. (If you google the title, it can be found and watched on the archival Diggers website.)Anyway, the next day Kelly and I talked about it and about the other creative works we've made. Our wills lea
October 18, 2019
His passing had been expected for weeks, but he was tough and he stayed with us longer than most of his friends here in New Mexico expected. He had cancer for months (if not longer), and eventually it spread beyond repair.So this short post is both homage to poet Stewart Warren and a reminder to all of us that we are here for an unknown amount of time.He was eight years younger than I am now, and he lived with zest. He wrote a lot, mostly poetry, and he published the work of other poets; all ca
I did have a large email list once, but that was years ago and on my dog site. Now I want to develop one for my author site, which is about my memoirs, how to write memoirs, and my trilogy of cozy mysteries. That's a range of topics -- especially since the different books of my range over world travel, taking LSD as a research subject, falling in love with a hippie, raising llamas, and getting older. Oh well, here I goSo yesterday I decided to delve into Jay Neill's trainings in webinar format,
September 10, 2019
At first I didn't think I would like downtown Santa Fe all that much. My husband and I were staying in the Hilton over Labor Day weekend, thanks to one of my relatives who picked up the tab (kindness #1 but there were so many that I don't think I will keep counting). When we walked around downtown, the area seemed like such a temple to consumerism, what with galleries and gift shops and so on. There were lots of people shopping and walking. It was crowded.The first night, we walked with my sis
August 27, 2019
My husband and I were going to go to Santa Fe for several nights, and thanks to one of my six relatives we would meet there, our stay in the Hilton by the plaza would be paid for. We had a friend lined up at home in southern New Mexico to be a petsitter for our dogs and cat, and it seemed that the trip was going to be lots of fun We had lists of things to do beforehand. Our car was ready.But yesterday I got a phone call from the relative who had organized the whole thing. She'd been told by her
Haven't been around.. My Windows 8.1 laptop has been running slower and slower and is now down to about five percent of normal speed.At the same time I was helping my husband get ready to display his wood sculptures at an art show in Colorado. He got off okay, had an interesting if not enriching time, and will be home shortly. I kept nursing my laptop along, will take it to our wizard repair guy tomorrow, but i was doing hubby's gmail while he traveled.Finally I tried my old iPad which is seve
My husband and I are very busy getting ready for an open house in a couple of days. It's to display his wood sculpture art here at home before he takes it to Colorado for a juried show called Art in the Park. The picture above is one of his pieces. Well, he got up extra early yesterday and let the dogs out at first light. I was up too and when I opened the back door for some fresh air, our dog Lilly was barking like a maniac and I smelled skunk. Considering how little I was wearing and the visi
Most of the time, I get caught up in little projects. Right now I'm finishing a book and for fun I put up a cat image on facebook that a friend of mine took. Then there's cooking and water aerobics. I could go on. Wimbledon absorbed me last week.But when I saw this header photo on Pixabay, it brought me up short. Sure, it's not literally accurate but it's quite a sight..What will our future bring for the planet? Am I using my life and energy for the best? Are you?May as well toss in my friend's
I've got a trigger thumb. Here it is, well wrapped to keep it from bending much. I've had it for a few weeks and the medical advice is to keep it wrapped and to rest it. A couple of days ago, I pushed my limits as I was doing housework projects. Bad me, that should teach me to do housework because now it hurts. So I'm going to see about dictating as others here have recommended. This first paragraph is typed in my usual way, using the trigger thumb.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This morning I tried se