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I've changed some of my websites to the GeneratePress theme, after reading comments here in WA from Kyle and many others, about its benefits. I had previously been using a more elaborate theme, and I will be taking it off my sites to speed them up. I started with the free version of GeneratePress and after a while I couldn't resist moving to the paid version, as I do love to mess around with settings. Both versions give me excellent speeds... on sites that I have moved here to WA, to get the ad
Many of the blogs that I read here at WA are informal, brief and friendly... more like chitchat among friends than the kind of blog post you would write to rank well in Google. So I'm just wanting to remind you here that the big G *does* index our WA posts. Sometimes anyway.For example I just took about a dozen words from a May 1 post of mine and put them into Google encased in quotation marks. Sure enough, there they were in Google. But when I tried a similar experiment with a blog post I did
Watching SmokeOur dining room window looks across the valley we live in, so we see a lot of our town, Silver City, New Mexico. It's a pleasant town, high enough in elevation to be only moderately hot in the summer. As we sat having lunch yesterday, we noticed smoke rising from a spot in a residential area maybe two miles west of our house. The wind was blowing to the north. The smoke cloud got larger, then smaller but by an hour later it was huge. After lunch I phoned some neighbors who tend to
I've been more active lately here on WA, and my rank has been running from 250 to around 225. Well, BINGO! Today it is 193. I haven't ever been below 200 here before. so it is really kind of thrilling to see. Oh, but will it stay below 200? Only time will tell. I do enjoy connecting with everyone here.
During colder weather I delve right in to the work on my laptop but lately I've been heading outside while it's cool and not too windy. I trimmed some of the branches off our mulberry tree before the mulberries mature and fall onto the patio where our dogs gobble them up. I'm also raking up the leaves in a section of the yard so I can move a little round table over there. Small projects, one after another. I can easily imagine dozens of such projects in our quarter-acre yard.What does this have
For many years, I was careful to register my domain names at a different place than where the sites themselves were hosted. This was based on the conventional wisdom that you couldn't trust the webhosts with your domain names in case they had technical problems. Or ethical problems, for that matter. A healthy dose of paranoia had people keeping domain names and sites apart. I'm sure many of you remember this and maybe still do this.Now I am moving all my sites gradually over to WA hosting, and
We all have times when we don't want to work. I've had plenty of them over my long life, and I sitll have them. Guess I could call myself an expert on laziness! But there are ways to trick yourself into getting going. There's a reason I chose a dog for the header image, and you may have already guessed it. I'll start with it. Get away from your desk and walk around. That can be around your apartment or house, or it can be outside. If mydogs can do it, their pleading eyes get me outside into ou
I'm not trying to scare or threaten you, but a heads-up might be called for. Would there be any dire results if that happened? Any passwords, important emails, or other things you couldn't get to?This happened to me yesterday afternoon, and it wasn't pretty. I could get to most parts of my laptop but it totally refused to go online. It wasn't our wifi, as my husband's laptop was purring away. Luckily I have an eight-year-old ipad where I sometimes do email, so I was able to check my email, but
I was thinking the other day that my husband and I are still teaching his daughter things, and she celebrated being 50 years old last year and lives far away. It never ends. That got me thinking about what we do here in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Some of us don't have kids at home, some of us do, but the values we tend to share here are those of communicating well, treating others with respect, making money doing things that contribute to our world, and similar. Some of us are religious,
April 28, 2020
I was in college when someone wrote "Work is Love Made Visible" on a blackboard in the dorm I lived in. I was very moved by it, and it has remained in my mind and heart ever since. It's a quote from Kahlil Gibran, though I am not sure if it's in his famous book The Prophet or something else.Here it is, and you are welcome to download the image if you wish. I just made it in Photoshop Elements, my go-to graphics progam as I've been using it since long before the online programs like Canva came a