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September 22, 2020
It's the Equinox today. Where I live it's the autumnal one, but for those of us WAers below the equator it's the spring one. Still, I chose this nice autumn photograph since I didn't see one representing both seasons.I have always loved this equinox, ever since I was a child. Now I admit that partly I am fond of it because my birthday is in just a couple of days, on the 24th. Between that and school starting here in September (when there IS school), it always has the feeling of transformation f
The only images that came up when I went looking for an image for the Bing search engine were of Bing cherries. Welll, they are ripe for the plucking, and the search engine has some of those qualities too.Are you paying any attention to where your blog pages and posts turn up in Bing? The idea of writing about this popped into my head after I read an article about a new Bing url inspection tool.Before you do anything else, Kyle has a training on how to get set up with Bing's webmaster tools. He
I have paid no attention to "flat earthers," people who believe that the earth is flat. I'm well educated (graduated with honors from Stanford in 1964), and I know better. Besides, the concept was never mentioned when I was in school, unless it was described as a quaint idea from previous centuries. But this week I came to understand better how someone could believe that or any number of things.My husband and I watched a program one evening that kept me awake thinking about the implications. In
Today is Working Parents Day. Well, actually in the US it is National Working Parents Day, but I didn't do enough research to find out about other places. So I willo claim my rights as an opinionated person and declare that it is such a day for you if you are part of WA, live anywhere on this planet, and have children or step-children of any age.Working parents sure have their hands full, all the more in this time of staying home more and home-schooling and interacting more with your offspring.
Thousands of people all up and down the west coast of the United States have recently had to evacuate their homes to escape the forest fires that seemed to be everywhere. I'm sure some friends of ours are caught up in that.So my husband and I have been talking about evacuation. Our neighbors who have lived around here all their lives think it is very unlikely. That's good to hear, but not to me a reason to stop thinking about the topic.We sold our motorhome earlier this year, and that's what we
Several weeks ago, I blogged that I had gotten into the top 100 here at WA. I didn't know if I would stay in such a great spot, but I did start blogging a little more, and making comments on other blog posts more as well.If you know me, you know my comments are never the boring "great post" type. Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes they are goofy... well, I guess I just described myself with that sentence.Soon I was at 82. Next thing I knew, I was in the high 60s. I began to take it easy a
Here we are at another September 11. Every year I remember and reflect on what happened, 19 years ago. The world changed irrevocably. Now we are in another time of irrevocable change.In 2001, I was the head of a small-town community library. I was getting ready for work when my stepdaughter phoned. It was rare for her to call so early, but she told us to turn on our computers or television and see what had happened in New York. I could hear the stress in her voice, even before I had any idea wh
In 2005 my husband Kelly and I sold our home in Colorado and moved to Mexico with our dog. It was an experiment in expat living, and it lasted five years. In the header I'm making notes, probably for my website about living in Mexico.Not having savings or independent income of any significance, we continued the work we had been doing in the US, writing websites which were monetized by affilate recommendations to things for sale on other sites and also by products we created, ebooks and Kelly's
We like to have two dogs, though sometimes there can be a months-long gap between the passing of one dog and when we feel ready for another one as well. That was the case when we got down to just having our mellow Rottweiler Lola. My husband Kelly was happy enough with only her, and for a while I was too. But eventually I started poking around on a site where many dogs in shelters are shown, Petfinder. When I spotted a very cute small dog, even Kelly was intrigued. The young dog was in a rescue
I get such a kick out of Jeffrey Brown's blog posts that I've decided to imiitate his approach and write more here about my life and that of my dogs and cat. After all, since I've already written three books of my memoirs, I can pull bits out of them if nothing much is going on at present.And I can try out bits of my next memoirs... I've been procrastinating something fierce about the fourth one, "Science Fiction Daughter." But that can't go on forever, gotta get into my files. Last year we bou