Two Easy Ways To Afford Your Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Last Update: June 15, 2020

$49 per month might not seem like a lot of money to some. But to be honest, to people who live in African countries like Kenya, $49 is about 4300 Kenya Shillings. That kind of money is a lot to a common Kenyan Citizen ( meaning the minimum wage worker) So, I want to share with you two easy ways for you to be able to afford your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

I really would love for more people especially young African people to be able to join this wonderful platform and learn the online skills needed to succeed online, because there are so many opportunities to make money online, if you have the skills.

We know that jobs are not easy to come by especially in African countries, and more so now that the whole world is facing economic crisis. We have so many educated young people but they have no jobs. But if they can find ways to get online, they will be able to utilize their skills, and earn a living online.

Some Online Opportunities Are Not Availble For African Counties

There are other challenges when it comes to online opportunities because based on the research I have done, some online offers don't accept people from African counties( maybe from South Africa) Which is a shame really because we have many capable young people who have many things to offer the world.

Some affiliate programs don't accept publishes from African countries.

And I am so grateful to Wealthy Affiliate because they do accept many countries into their affiliate program, and if you are able to run your siterubix site and attract traffic, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate even if you are not a premium member.

You can even share your affiliate link with friends and family, or even on your social media, as soon as you join Wealthy affiliate. Also, by being a member of this wonderful community, you will be able to find affiliate programs that will accept you.

Just by asking the community to help you, you will be able to find all the information you need.

So Let's Get Into Our Two Easy Ways To Afford Your WA Membership

The first way and this is something that I have tried out myself. There is this website that I signed up to because someone mentioned it to me, I wanted to write a review about it, so I decided to check it out for a month so I can write a comprehensive review.

Before I mention the site, I just want to quickly mention that I am not a big fan of survey sites(OK, I hate survey sites) survey sites left me traumatized a while back when I was trying to learn how to make money online.

I am not saying all survey sites are scams because as you are going to find out in a minute, some are actually legit. It's just that its difficult to find the good ones, because there are so many people singing praises, and mentioning big money that you can make on these sites because they are affiliated with the sites.

This Site Has Convinced Me That There Some Good Survey Sites

And then you join, and you just get frustrated. OK, so The website I am talking about, and I am not going to put a link here because I do not want my post to be flagged, I am not affiliated with the site whatsoever, and they don't even have an affiliate program(well, I haven't seen one)

its called Prolific. you can check its reviews, its got 4 stars on Trust Pilot. Now when I joined obviously I was doing other things, so I was not available to take part in all the studies that were available but I was able to grab a few, the longest that I did, paid me 8 Pounds(about $10) and took me about 45 minutes.

So far I have made 55 Pounds (about $69) And as I said I am not there that much because my websites keep me very busy. Also, I have turned down many video studies because I do not have time to be interviewed by the researchers,

The video studies, pay the highest I remember I turned one down that was paying 10 Pounds(about $12.50) the study was to take one hour.

But What Is Prolific?

It's a website that runs academic surveys mainly from Universities, when you sign up, you must sign up as a participant, don't sign up as a researcher. then you need to fill up the form with your information, they don't collect personal information, just general information like your age, gender, the country you live in, your country of birth, education, ethnicity, etc.

And you can skip any part that you don't want to answer. Also, their surveys never collect personal information, and you can stop in the middle of the survey if you decide to, and they will ask you if you were asked for personal information.

If its possible for you, I would suggest you accept the video surveys, but if you are not comfortable, just take the paper surveys and you will be able to afford your WA membership, you can just leave the Prolific tab open while you work on your computer, and when the sturdy pops up, you just take it.

You Don't Need To Keep Refreshing The Page

The best things is that you don't have to keep refreshing the page, they even tell you that you don't have to refresh the page, it will refresh automatically and the studies will pop up as soon as they are available.

You don't need to install any application or software to your computer, some survey will require you to have headphones, because they do conduct music surveys, where you listen to a tune and then give your opinion on it.

I must add their studies are quite interesting and lots of fun, And they actually make you think. I also like the fact that by taking part I am helping university students collect data, so they can conduct their research.

They will pay you via Paypal, and you can cash out your earnings as soon as you reach 5 pounds, but I usually cash out at 10 pounds, the money will be in your PayPal within 24 hours ( well, thats how its been for me)

Second Easy Way To Afford Your Wealthy affiliate Membership.

It's actually right here at WA, you can easily afford your Wealthy Affiliate Membership by Joining the Site Comments Platform, You need to get certified before you can start earning cash credits. You qualify by offering 50 comments within 30 days Please read this Post Where I give you all the details on Site Comments Platform.

So, once you are qualified as a certified commenter, each comment you provide will earn you $0.50, I think if you can give two comments a day, that's $1 a day, if you combine that with the first method, you should be able to make more than enough to cover your WA membership.

Just remember to read the articles that you intend to comment on, and leave a high quality comment so you can be approved each time you comment.


I am so happy to be an annual member here at Wealthy Affiliate because I don't have to worry about the monthly bill. But as I was thinking about the $49 monthly membership, it dawned on me just how difficult it could be for a Kenyan to pay that amount every month.

So that is why I decided to share this post in hope that it might help someone out there. Please leave your comments below about this topic, are you on monthly membership here at WA? how is it for you?

Thank you so much for your time, and please give this post a like so it can be seen by people who might benefit.

Stay Safe.


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WelcomeMM Premium
Thank you very much, Rose, for sharing this information. I appreciate your spirit of wanting to save many who have passion but don't have the money. This is a story of many in the third world countries because even the internet access is a great challenge.
I have shared your link because the opportunities you discussed here are really valuable.

Welcome Moeng
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much 🙏🏽
EHozubin Premium
Rose that is an excellent Post to help people to get started and allow them to grow. I tip my cap to you for such a wonderful offering to so many people that could use it.
Ropesa Premium
Wow! what a lovely thing to say, thank you so much.
Sonny40 Premium
Thank you Rose, my dear. I'll check it out
Ropesa Premium
You are welcome, Sonny.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - it's actually every alternative comment that should pay $0.50, not every single one. So, you need to leave 4 comments to get $1. And even then, it's not guaranteed, as it depends on the economics of the platform.
Ropesa Premium
OH, when I offered comments after being certified, I made $1 for two comments.
DianeScorpio Premium
Not sure how that happened, it's always been that only every other comment pays out. Perhaps a glitch in the system or you were just lucky!
LenkaSophie Premium
This is an amazing post, Rose, so helpful for those who may not be able to afford to pay their monthly membership or struggle to make ends meet.
Have a nice day and stay safe.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you Lenka