My WA Family, Lets Rock 2020 May It Be The Best Year Yet

Last Update: January 01, 2020

Hi there fam, I have been so busy that I did not get the time to do my 2019 update post but, I must take this time to wish all of you a happy 2020, may it be your most prosperous year yet. I will include a mini update in this post so you can get an idea as to where I am so far in my progress.

New Year Celebrations

We, here in Greece we took it easy, and just enjoyed good food with friends, and watched the fireworks. We switched between watching the fireworks on TV and watching the fire works outside the house, we watched on TV as The Acropolis was light up, and the Parthenon stood majestically as the fireworks light up the midnight sky above it.

It shows that Greece is doing very well now economically, and everybody is happy and spent lots of money on fire works, and celebrations to bring in the new year, and the new dacade in style. Where, we live the sky was filled up with all kinds of colors and sparkles.

Anyway, I have many plans for this new year and I have a feeling that it's going to be a very good year.

A Mini Update

I am still working on my Super Affiliate Challenge site, I thought I would have reached 100 posts by now but I haven't because the last couple of months I have fallen behind. But I am trying to put as much effort as I can.

This January I don't know how much content I can create because from the middle of the month until the end of the month husband and I will be traveling to the Scandinavia, for our annual winter holiday.

We don't usually go for Summer holidays because that's when people come here to visit us, so we usually do winter holiday instead.

But when I get back I will be all in and I am gonna make sure that I get my SAC site to 100 posts. My other sites are also falling behind because, I don't give them enough attention because right now my focus is the Super Affiliate Challenge.

I Do Get Discrouged By My SAC Site But I will Give It My All

I will be a hypocrite if I pretend that I do not get discouraged when I look at my Google Analytics. My Supe Affiliate Challenge site is not performing how I would want it to but, I will keep putting out content and hope with time the hard work will pay off In coming years.

After reading and watching many videos and going through a lot of tutorials both on YouTube and here at Wealthy Affiliate, I have come to a conclusion that the make money online niche is not an easy niche and you need lots of patience and lots of hard work before you start seeing results.

But once the results start, then you are good to go, and your business will just grow, as you keep working on it.

My Traffic Efforts So Far

Apart from SEO, I have also been concentrating on Pinterest and YouTube as my traffic source, I have noticed that since I created a separate Pinterest account for my SAC website, I am getting more clicks on my pins. When I had just one account and used it to post all kinds of pins, I was not getting results on affiliate marketing pins or making money online pins.

But after creating the new account, where I only have content that is related to affiliate marketing and make money online, things are improving dramatically, and that is why I will be posting another post here soon on my progress on Pinterest.

YouTube has not picked up yet, I only have 21 subscribers, and my most viewed video has 120 views. I intend to work harder on YouTube, I want to create talking head videos but I need to invest in lighting and maybe a microphone.

So Until then I will continue to do the screen capture videos although I recently posted an intro video which I recorded using my phone and I must say it came out quite well. I had to post an intro video because I kept mentioning it in my videos and I did not want to look as though I was untrustworthy, so I had to keep my word.

I Have Also Been Using Twitter And Quora

I have been posting on Twitter, and I have been active on Quora, and so far I have 6.9k content views. I have found many topics to write about on Quora and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling to find topics to write about.

Just create a profile on Quora and follow topics that a re within your niche and you will get many ideas by reading people's questions on those topics.

Investments That I Have MadeTo My Online Business

I have of course paid for my annual membership here in Wealthy Affiliate, I took advantage of the Black Friday Offer and I am so glad that I don't have to worry about my membership until 2021.

Of course, I have also been paying for my domains, I have four domains so far, I also invested in ScreenOmatic screen capture tool, and that is how I make my YouTube videos. Another tool I use is Grammarly and it has been very helpful to me in regards to grammar check.

It helps me check grammar on all websites I visit like when I write an answer on Quora, or a pin description on Pinterest or even a post on twitter. it also helps me when I am writing emails and other things including texts, I love it.

And I also use it to check my grammar after using the site content grammar check here at Wealthy Affiliate, I usually publish my post and click edit in WordPress then, I also check the grammar again with grammarly just to be sure.

I also just recently started using TailWind for Pinterest But I mainly started using it because I want to write a review on it so I want to study it and see if it really makes a difference.


I am very excited about this year and I know there are many great things in store for us. So Let's keep working hard and following the suggestions given by our coaches here at Wealthy affiliate and all will be well.

With that being said, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for 2019 and look forward to working with you in 2020. I will help where I can, and I will most definitely ask for help when I need it, because I know my WA fam is willing to help.

Thank you so much for your time and please drop me a line or two in the comments, how is your business doing? did you have a good year business wise in 2019?


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, Rose--you'll overcome all obstacles because you are determined! Keep on keeping on! Best success to you here in 2020 and beyond!

Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much Jeff and I wish you lots of success too. Let's do this
RAFStuart Premium
What an inspiring post Rose, also thanks for some of the tips.
Happy New Tear to you and your family.

Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much, Stuart and happy new year to you and yours too.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hey, Rose!! You're rocking it so far! Keep it up!

I've been pleasantly surprised by my progress in 2019... and am very much looking forward to 2020!

We got this!!🎉💜🥂
Ropesa Premium
That is great, so your websites are doing great?
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I don't have anything to compare it to, but I'm happy!!💕
Ahimbe Premium
It is exciting to know how much you can do just from 2019. You are shining Rose and I am glad you have shared how you do it
Let's rock 2020 for sure.
May this be a memorable year for you, filled with success stories.
Stanleycmng Premium
Best wishes to you and I can feel your excitement! Cheers!