What happens in Vegas. (SECRET Photos!?)

Last Update: February 20, 2020

...doesn't always stay in Vegas!

Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate conference 2020 in Las Vegas is coming to an end.

First of all, I want to thank Kyle & Carson for arranging this. It's a phenomenal experience and they're really generous when arranging this.

We've had 4 amazing days and I'll reveal to you a little bit in this post what happened ;)

(In this picture, there are less than one third of the whole group.)

SUPER Exciting Improvements Coming to WA!

I was in Vegas conference last year for the first time and it was interesting to hear all the improvements and updates that Kyle & Carson had planned for the platform in 2019.

However, this year's improvements that are coming up will take things even to a completely another level. In the next few months will come something exciting. And then also throughout the whole year... I guess I'm not allowed to share the details so I'll let you anticipate on what's coming up.

It's amazing how Kyle & Carson put their heart & soul on improving the platform each year.

One thing that is really unique about Wealthy Affiliate is that they provide a top notch service for one of the lowest prices.

There are many companies in this affiliate marketing or "make money online" industry that charge you a lot of money for low quality products. Wealthy Affiliate does the opposite.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you Ferrari with a price of Honda while many other companies sell you Honda for a price of Ferrari.

On a general level I'll say that Wealthy Affiliate will keep on improving

  • User Experience (I was really impressed by the upcoming improvements)
  • Training (I'm actually very excited for this even though I already have some experience of making money online. It's going to take things to a completely another level.)
  • Tools
  • And more...

Who wouldn't like surprises? ;) I can tell that you will be positively surprises in the upcoming months with everything that is coming up.

The focus has been and will be in providing the best tools and service to help people to build successful businesses online.

Super Affiliate Interviews...

I recorded 4 interviews of Super Affiliates during the conference. They shared some really great advice and you'll surely enjoy to see those interviews.

I'll publish the interviews on my YouTube channel Learn to Make Honest Money Online during March.

What Happens in Vegas? (Pictures)

You probably wanna see some pictures from our Vegas conference, right? ;) Here are some:

1) The rooms that Kyle & Carson provide were again amazing. King Executive Suite in MGM Grand... Just for the curiosity, I checked on the MGM website and these rooms charge normally +$300/night!

2) During the first day after the meetings together, we went to watch an NHL game together. It was my first time to see live NHL game. Definitely a nice experience.

3) Food was again mind-blowing. I think I never eat so well as I eat in Vegas. The food is so good that it's hard to resist to not eat too much, hehe ;)

Steak, salads, potatoes, tacos, fruits, berries, fruits, etc. Yummy!

4) Then the leaders Kyle & Carson who have already put +15 years in building the leading affiliate marketing platform in the world = Wealthy Affiliate. Huge respect for these guys!

I believe that other affiliates will post pictures and insights from the trip too. I don't have the full group pictures but I'm sure it'll be posted here in WA sooner or later :)

Think about this for a moment...

Kyle & Carson have created a community of more than 2 million people = Wealthy Affiliate.

There have been 1,000's of success stories over the years.

Numerous people have made a life-changing income.

People like Kyle & Carson are elevating everyone around them. They show with their own example on how to create things, take action and go the extra mile.

Without their work and effort, thousands of people wouldn't have got their breakthgough online. I just find it really inspiring how big impact they've already made.

Let their example also inspire you to keep on working hard for your dreams and adding value to other people's lives.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Thankful for this experience" Kiuttu


Do you have any questions about the Vegas conference?

What actions are you taking to grow YOUR business in the coming months?

Let me know in the comments below! :)

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APouliot Premium
Wow it's awesome! I can't wait to be part of this amazing opportunity that Kyle and Carson give us.

They are a gift to all of us... Thanks Kyle. Thanks Carson. 😇

I hope many more people will have the chance to discover the platform and take advantage of it.

Thanks again, I will never say it enough.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah. Wealthy Affiliate will surely grow even faster as the time goes by. It's interesting to see when they'll hit new big milestones. Now there are already +2 million registered members in the platform.
Roybretton Premium
Hello Roope,

That's a really nice blog post-Roope, what a great thing to do; to create a website that teaches people how to make money online! And you are one of the Wealthy Affiliate's success stories Roope! Well done and huge congratulations to you!

I'm looking forward to Wealthy Affiliate going to the next level.

Wishing you all the best.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Roy!
AuroraGlobal Premium
Hi Roope,
Thank you for sharing your Vegas trip with us.
The networking and lessons learned on trips like these are priceless.
You are one step ahead of us all knowing what changes are in the pipeline here at WA.
For me, Vegas is something to work towards.
I am currently building my business here within WA, one point at a time.

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Roope, sounds like an epic adventure, thank you so much for sharing those images looks like everyone had such a good time. The thing I like about photos of Kyle and Carson is that Carson is always smiling. What they have created is just totally awesome, and we get to share in their vision.

The random thing for me is that I don't actually recognize anyone in the photo of you guys under the Las Vegas sign; bar for you, Roope.

Thank you for sharing those tib bits about the improvements that are in the pipeline, I am sure they will be gratefully received, looking forward to the coming year.

Best wishes Roope.
MOtuke Premium
Roope, you are an inspiration too, I didn't know you were part of WA, I actually found you on Youtube first, however in the next coming months I would love to get my business providing me income, meaning I have to grow my followers and get more traffic. Everyday I work on it bit by bit and when I see individuals like you, I know you can do it.
You made me curious about the changes coming to WA, I am more curious about that than anything else.
Thanks for the pictures.