Negative Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - READ THIS First!

Last Update: January 16, 2020

Recently, I have seen a couple of negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews online and I wanted to bring into your attention a few important points about them.

If I would not have seen in practice in my own life and numerous other people's lives that Wealthy Affiliate really works, I might have fallen to believe those negative reviews.

Here are a few characteristics of almost all negative WA reviews that I have read and seen:

They Are Almost Always Promoting Their Own Products

Wealthy Affiliate is the leading affiliate marketing training platform in the world.

Therefore, if you write a review about it and get it ranked on Google/YouTube, that may get a lot of eyeballs.

This is how those negative WA reviews work:

  1. They get your attention by saying something interesting in the title.
  2. They talk bad about Wealthy Affiliate and try to gain your trust.
  3. They promote their own product.

In the other words, they have a financial incentive when writing those negative reviews.

Some of Their Claims Are Simply False

I've read a couple of times a false claim that Wealthy Affilaite training doesn't work anymore.

That's simply not true.

The steps and the principles that you learn here work.

They have worked in my own experience and I know numerous people personally who have used them to make a living online.

They Have Not Been Wealthy Affiliate Members for Long

Many of the people who talk bad about Wealthy Affiliate haven't even joined. Their sole purpose may be to get your attention in order to promote their own products.

Some of them may have joined for a month or two but I can tell from my own experience that it's probably not enough to get the full benefit of all the features here.

First of all, implementing the training fully takes more than 1-2 months. Second, the community support and networking aspect is HUGE at Wealthy Affiliate and I doubt that someone can get a full benefit of it in just a month.

They Make Exaggerated Generalizations

One claim that I have read is that "Wealthy Affiliate training is outdated".

Again, that's simply not true.

Those reviewers go out then and find one piece of content out of 1,000's of training lessons here and claim that everything is outdated here.

Well, let's talk about the facts here.

There are 1,000's of training lessons at WA.

Are all of them outdated? No.

Are most of them outdated? No.

Are some of them outdated? Yes.

If you go through the main training, I would recommend that you skip some parts of the Level 4 of the training. However, levels 1-3 and level 5 are completely fine.

Then if you go through other people's training, take things with a grain of salt if the member isn't very experience or the training is very old.

Some "Negative Reviews" Are Actually Positive

I have a YouTube channel where I also promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Then some of my viewers have linked me another YouTube video that talks about WA in a critical way. They said to me something like that, "Hey! Why are you promoting Wealthy Affiliate? Watch this video!"

And when you go to watch that critical Wealthy Affiliate video, it's actually a video that recommends and promotes Wealthy Affiliate.

Those people who linked me the video just read the title of the video and watched maybe the first 10 seconds but they didn't watch the whole video.

If you use a title like, "Wealthy Affiliate scam review" and then promote Wealthy Affilliate in the video, it's good to keep in mind that some people might just read the title and they think that WA is a scam even though you would be saying something completely different in the video.

Conclusion - Just Focus on Your Business

In the world, you can never please everyone.

You can find negative reviews literally about ANY product in the world. Even the best of the best products will get some negative reviews.

Just focus on building on your business.

You can take some feedback from negative reviews but never let them turn down your fire.


- Roope "Wealthy Affiliate works!" Kiuttu


Have you experienced success at WA and can you confirm that Wealthy Affiliate training works?

Let us know in the comments below!

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revin2310 Premium
Great post. A lot of good things are happening here.
But at the same time, WA should open for improvement.

To put into perspective, I have to admit that some of OEC training are outdated. My suggestion to close this loophole, the management (@Kyle or @Carson) needs to update the training or put a disclosure for new member when they upgrade to Premium. Or they can put links to other training (such as from @magistudios or created by other WA member which are more update).

The other thing, may be they need to reconsider the statement "Average response time: 48 hours" when you PM Kyle or Carson because in reality, you don't get that response. I have sent Kyle a PM since November but no response. I can only guess, either they don't have time to respond or they don't really think your message is important.

I'm still waiting for the response. Otherwise, this statement needs to be revisited as well: "Both Kyle and Carson get back to 100% of the Private Messages they receive, so please be patient while Kyle gets back to you".

These are my suggestions to make WA better and again as I said before to close the loophole for a negative comment.
FlorianFis Premium
Hi revin2310,

I just stumbled across your post and it is very interesting :)
Especially for new members, all the training seems to be of the same relevance and quality.
You mentioned that some trainings are very up to date - could you throw in some names of trainings you like the most? I would appreciate that a lot :)
revin2310 Premium
You may notice EOC training just has been updated on Feb 2020.

I joined on Sept 2019. At the time, some of them have outdated materials which unfortunate situations because once you found out they're not relevant anymore, you need to search someone else training/blog for more update stuffs.

As for the training I like most are from Jay (magistudios) which occurs every Friday.
revluctlc Premium
people project dogma on things when they feel that they cant do something.. these people must not be ready to take the jump to become entrepreneurs or business owners just yet,

the'll come back eventually..I bet ya:),

I have found wealthy affiliate helpful in so many ways and its not just the training, but also the tools,Im not ashamed to say that i tried actually setting a website up, through a normal hosting site..:))))) although i learned alot, through gritted teeth that is:)).. It gave me a head ache, for sure

for me on WA i knew nothing and now i know something more, i am making slow but steady progress,
Im a little more tech savvey,
gone from beginner to intermediate,
and im loving this experience..

WA gave me a plat form in which i could explore and create, with the amazing support team plus Kyle and Carsons.. advice and communitys help to succeed on line

I love wealthy affiliate, it took away the grit of developing a website

if you make the effort and take the steps to get connected, and to learn at your own pace but you have to stick at it, with
an action orianted mind, and with a sprinke of self belief.. and ease..

WA allowed me to explore my options and put into action my desires

Im here for life..

lifes alot more simpler here at WA, all the tools you need in one place to brainstorm and create ideas learn to market, learn about having a business etc etc.. and all at the perfect price for me im happy and getting braver every day:}} I havent left my job yet but i really believe this is the right place to be..
PaulBoudreau Premium
Great post, Roope.

At about $1.00 U.S. per day, I have not been able to find a better deal anywhere.

The haters will always hate, that is all they know.

They are too stubborn, and pig-headed to let go of their antiquated systems and methods.

Yesterday, Friday, the 17th, I attended another excellent FREE webinar. I attend a FREE webinar almost every week. If I miss the webinar for any reason, whatsoever, I can watch a replay of it. I also have access to hundreds of other webinars that have been recorded for by benefit, free of charge.

Let me throw in a few words for the free keyword tool I get as part of this SUPER deal.

Thousands of hours of classes, a supportive community, online chat, and every latest technique and technology on the market.

Does anyone reading this post know where I can get this wealth of Information for LESS than the price of a coffee?

I doubt it very much.

Too bad these haters live in the dark.

One day they'll walk in the sun. Let's bring these haters out of the darkness and show them the sunny side of technology.

Here for Life!

Paul Boudreau
Roybretton Premium
Good morning Roope,

I hope you're doing well. Thank you for another excellent blog post, it's appreciated.

Anyone who says that Wealthy Affiliate doesn't work has not fully understood the platform, because Wealthy Affiliate does work! I see far too many people trying various ways to make money online and not actually putting it into practice. It takes time to build an online business and an off-line business!

I know full well that the training works here at Wealthy Affiliate. I was able to take an off-line business to 5 figures per month in just seven months, this was by utilising the power of the Internet and the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Have a great weekend.

ChristineDu1 Premium
I have not seen any negative reviews about WA online. I just came across one that looked like it was negative, but the author then quickly turned it around to promote WA. It was brilliantly done, a great article.

But something really negative? I have not seen it.

The training here is great. Only today I was talking to one of my students and he said that he didn't have a website because setting it up was so hard. I told him that I had three websites and that it was easy. His eyes went wide open! ;-) lol

I have learned so much here at WA. Even if some training is outdated, it is still valuable.