Make your first $100 online. Then do it AGAIN!

Last Update: August 27, 2020

First, may I share a part of my own story and experience?

I believe it helps to illustrate my point to you on a more personal level.

My Story

Making your first $100 online is fun but.....

Making your first $100 online WITH AFFILIATE MARKETING is SUPER FUN.


When you make money with affiliate marketing, it's passive income. It means that usually money will keep on coming even when you've stopped working.

In addition, I was super excited because I had finally proven in practice that this process works. I made lots of mistakes in the beginning and my start was very slow as it is for most people. But now the ball had started rolling.

I knew also before in theory that making money with affiliate marketing works but once I earned my first $100 I knew it also in practice.

You know... It's different to see someone visiting (for example) in Thailand than actually visiting there yourself. When you experience something first-hand, it just feels so much more real and tangible.

In addition, I had learned the PROCESS, the SYSTEM that works for making money online. It wasn't just $100.

It was a money-making system that I had learned here in Wealthy Affiliate and now I had proven myself that it works. I knew that I was able to do it again and again and again and again.

And sure enough I did...

And in the same way once you earn your first $100, you will have the confidence that you can do it again and again and again and again... As many times as you want.

Because here in Wealthy Affiliate you learn the system to make money. Not only some "magic tips & tricks" that come and go. Steps that you learn in Wealthy Affiliate have made money for people for almost 2 decades.

So, let's go through the process.

Making Your First $100 with Affiliate Marketing

Because you're a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I assume that you'll be making money with affiliate marketing, more specifically with blogging.

That's the most common path for affiliate marketers for several reasons. For example...

  1. It doesn't require (almost) any money to do that.
  2. Google has tons of traffic.
  3. It's a proven strategy that has worked for 2 decades.

Of course, there are also other ways to make money online with affiliate marketing too but let's focus on blogging on this post.

There are 2 steps to making your first $100:

  1. Get your blog posts ranked on Google => People will come to visit your website.
  2. Turn your website visitors into buyers (=Your website visitors click your affiliate links)

Since most people start here as beginners (like I did), step 1 takes some time.

When you create your website, it takes around 1 week to get your website indexed on Google. Then your website starts gaining more authority on Google little by little and as you keep on posting to your site, your posts climb higher and higher.

In this process, you'll start getting website visitors.

Some of your visitors end up clicking your affiliate links and you earn money.

If you are promoting a $200 product for a 10% commission, you'll earn $20 for each sale. So you'll actually need 5 sales to reach that first $100.

You get more and more visitors...

Some of them end up buying...

And sooner or later you've made your first $100.

You've Made Your First $100... Now What?

Do it again!

A great part is that if you have made $100 with your blog, the second $100 will most likely become automatically. And the next one... And the next one.

I'd say that making your first $100 with your blog is at least 50 times harder than making your second $100 with your blog.

For making that first $100 you'll need to go through that whole process.

But when you've made it once, then you can simply do the same process over and over again.

Or you can just wait for a while and most likely the second $100 will automatically come even if you wouldn't lift your finger anymore because you've built your blog.

Obviously, once your blog starts making money, I recommend that you continue putting in the effort because then you can potentially earn more each month.

Can You Make Money Faster with Your Blog? YES!

There are actually 5 things that define your speed.

You can control your speed if you want.

Learn the details by watching my training video right here.

You'll surely find it helpful.

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Make your first $100 online and do it again and again and again" Kiuttu

PS. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Do you need any advice for making your first $100 with blogging? Ask below!

Have you made your first $100 with blogging? How did it feel? Share below!

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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jayeipp Premium
Your blog was right to point and helped me get a better understanding of what I need to do. It is nice to hear the process and to hear what works. I have been part of this WA but never took advantage until now. I will be reviewing your links to learn more.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Roope,

Thank you for another informative and great blog post.

This is so true, carry out the training, earn money and then rinse and repeat!

My first sale came in 2007, Roope. The website had only been live for one day, however, I had been loading lots of content before the website went live. This quickly rose to 4 figures within a few months. It's amazing what can be achieved online and the training here at Wealthy Affiliate explains it all.

Have a great day.

RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Interesting story Roy!
Roybretton Premium Plus
I think many of us have a good story to tell Roope!

Have a great weekend.

YumaBloggers Premium Plus
What is funny for me is the first $1, which is actually more exciting or at least equal to the first $100, and when you reach $1,000 in combined earnings you feel much the same. By that time you are an old salt and the number is a goal achieve but also a planned result. Once you reach that dollar $100 is just a stone's throw away, then $100 becomes $1,000, the $1,000 a month and so further. Don't discount them but know each goal will happen for you.

Just write rank, convert, repeat. The more you write the better you will get, the more of your better content on the web and the bigger your results will be. Mine use to be pretty good but Roope here is one of my WA heroes.
Courtney09 Premium
Awesome post :) In all my months of trying various things online, I have yet to make a dime, even though I should be at expert status in SEO. I found WA yesterday, and am looking forward to upgrading, and changing from researching all day to pouring my heart and soul into WA.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Awesome to have you here in Wealthy Affiliate Courtney! :)
karema24 Premium
I haven't made I dime either, but I have faith. Plus, I know I haven't been doing A LOT of things I should be doing; for starters, following the training at WA to the T.

Congrats on joining Wealthy Affiliate, BTW!
MattilaP Premium
Yes, thats true. Very motivated post 👍
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thanks Pekka