Happy New Decade WA Family!

Last Update: December 31, 2019

Happy new year and new decade!

I hope you've had a great year with lots of learning experiences and beautiful memories.

When a new year starts, I challenge you for one thing:

What is the 1 thing that you will change as we step into a new year/new decade?

Even 1 small change in your life can make a huge difference in a year and especially in a decade.

For example, what if you would spend 30 minutes more on your business on a daily basis (that you would normally spend scrolling Facebook or watching cat videos on YouTube)?

That makes 182,5 hours in a year and 1825 hours in 10 a decade.

That's more than 300 six-hour workdays.

Things add up!

With that time you could, for example, build a new website from scratch that makes you monthly/weekly/daily passive income.

That's just one idea to spark your imagination.

Just 1 change.

And you'll look back after 10 years and thank yourself that you made that change.

Some people say that "your future self" is begging you to do the right choices now. :-)

Have an awesome new decade 2020s!

I wish lots of blessings and great things to your way!

- Roope "2020 will be your best year ever" Kiuttu

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PA59 Premium
Hi Roope...I’ve been part of WA for a year now but have still not benefiting from not fully applied it’s lessons...I found you (or you found me) while I was surfing YouTube and really enjoyed reading the tips/strategies that you presented there...then I figured out that you were also part of WA....yeah!....and also on FB and Instagram too...I’m going to follow you here too ok because maybe you’ll help me get my WA act together now that my second year at WA and 2020 have just chimed in...look forward to connecting with you Roope...Happy New Year...Mark
EijaJ Premium
Thanks a lot!

Best wishes for the Year 2020 also to you, Roope. You will get your goals for sure.

This is an amazing post from you, like always :)

I plan to concentrate on online business more. I have also some other aims to reach. I write them down, so I remember them and I can follow them to fulfill.

Here in WA it is so interesting and encouraging to learn new skills.

lynnsam61 Premium
There's a lot to be said for making a single change and sticking with it. I'm hopeful that 2020 will be a great year!

EHR Premium
Just the encouragement I needed to make a great start. Thanks Roope
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Glad to hear that Eugene. Have an awesome new year 2020!
EHR Premium
Thanks you too. Gene
timstime20 Premium
Love your thinking
It doesn’t have to be monumental
Great Insight Roope
Happy New Year
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yes. Little progress every day adds up to huge things in the long run.