6 YEARS as a Wealthy Affiliate Member!

Last Update: September 18, 2021

Recently I received a notification saying that I've been 6 years as a member in WA.


I am going to be a member here for at least another 6 years too :)

It's been a really amazing time.

This is an amazing community.

Many nice things have happened

  • Several Friendships

I've met several WA members in person too (in Las Vegas, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Singapore, etc.)

  • I've Learned Money-Making Skills

Blogging, YouTube, Email marketing, etc.

  • Amazing Vegas Experiences

I was in WA Vegas conference in 2019 and 2020. Huge thanks to Kyle & Carson for arranging them. I would have been this year too but corona situation restricted so it wasn't arranged. Hopefully next year again!

  • Numerous Interesting Conversations

    It has been a great pleasure to have so many conversations here in the community. I blog on the WA platform quite regularly and it's always a pleasure to talk with people here.

    Wealthy Affiliate Gave More Than I Expected

    Originally, I joined Wealthy Affiliate when I saw a banner on Nathaniell's website One More Cup of Coffee saying, "Do you want to make money online selling other people's products on Amazon".

    I read Nathaniell's story on his website and it inspired me. "Make money online while living anywhere you want!" Big thanks to Nathaniell!

    So, I joined with the goal of learning to make money online. It worked! I learned to make money online and now I've traveled around the world a few years while making money online. The freedom is amazing.

    At the moment, I'm in Skopje. Below is a picture from a few days ago.

    But WA gave also much more than that: Connections with awesome people worldwide. It's been amazing to get to know people here online and also some people in person.

    I've also done some collaborations with other WA members and I hope to do more collaborations in the future.

    If you have some ideas for collaborations, feel free to contact me. Currently I have a YouTube channel with over 111,000 YouTube subscribers so it's a good platform for that.

    By the way, when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I didn't even have a YouTube channel!

    60 Years More!

    I wrote above that, "I'll be a member here for at least another 6 years too..." but why to aim just for another 6 years? Better to aim for another 60 years as a member! ;) hehe

    My dream is to keep on working until I die. Now I'm 28 years old and hopefully I have another 60 years left for my career. I think that doing the work you love is one of the greatest things in life.

    Here's for the next 60 years in Wealthy Affiliate! :D

    - Roope "Lifetime member of Wealthy Affiliate" Kiuttu

    PS. I'd love to read your comments.

    How long have you been a member at Wealthy Affiliate?

    What kinds of things have been the most valuable for you at WA?

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    Fintyd Premium
    Hi Roope.
    Congratulations on staying the course and becoming successful, I have been here just over 3 years, to be honest I was fast approaching retirement and I joined WA about 3 years before that with the aim of earning some extra income to supplement the state pension.
    The first couple of years were tough, I worked hard writing, doing videos and promoting through Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, during this time I was working full time.
    I managed to write around 300 pages/posts, I'm involved in the health niche, I felt that people will always be interested in their health and natural alternatives to drugs.
    The traffic took time to build, in fact I didn't see a lot of commissions until year 2, I made around $3,000, however in year 3 traffic has been more consistent with around 90-100 visitors a day.
    Sales have increased to a consistent $8-900 per month, I recently negotiated a price of $25,000 with a guy on Flippa, I'm going through the sake process as we speak.
    A little bit of success is possible even more if you are prepared to do the work and never give up.
    Anyway that's my story, hope it inspires someone.
    All the best,
    RoweM1 Premium
    Congratulations Roope on your milestone! and it's your vlog "15 ways to earn money online" that brought me here at WA and I'm thankful that after all those years of searching for some online opportunities and for some reason it's your vlog that convinced me to try even if I have only viewed it for the very first time. I finally found my home here at Wealthy Affiliate!
    Cheers and Godspeed!
    Roybretton Premium Plus
    Good morning Roope,

    Time goes by quickly, it's amazing that you've been here for six years! I actually remember you joining Wealthy Affiliate, I knew that you would be successful! It's great that you really persevered, worked hard and achieved so much, well done Roope!

    I will have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for seven years in November. I was actually making money online before I came to Wealthy Affiliate, however, I really like the idea of being around like-minded people. Having said this, my offline business is my primary source of income. The idea of building an online business is so that I can eventually go full-time online. Due to the success of my off-line business, it's making it more difficult to go full-time. I'm actually thinking of selling the offline business so that I can focus online.

    I believe that the most valuable things are Wealthy Affiliate and all the training. I like the idea of being in a like-minded community where we can share ideas and help each other. The training is also excellent, I will often refer to the training, the great thing is that we can go back to the training as much as we want to.

    Have a great day.

    DivineGood Premium
    Wow! A huge congratulations to you,
    my dear Roope.

    It sure is a great accomplishment
    being here that long as you said,
    60 more years.

    Thank you for such an excellent
    model of sincere caring and true
    loving support to all of us.

    I do greatly appreciate your love
    and kindness and you are such a
    joy to all of us.

    Be well, my dear, and do take great
    care of yourself.

    God bless you more.

    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Thank you Elizabeth! God bless you!
    DivineGood Premium
    You are most welcome, Roope
    and thank you much more.

    The love of God enfolds you!

    Jessiefido Premium Plus
    Many congratulations on your 6th year anniversary here at WA Roope!

    There will be many more to come I'm sure!

    Skopje! What a great city! It's been a while since I have been there, but what I remember is the fantastic nightlife and probably the best pizza I've ever eaten in my life!