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Last Update: Oct 16, 2022

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There's an affiliate program that keeps on spitting commissions to my account month after month even though I haven't touched it at all for 1,5 years.

This message just popped to my inbox when I was ordering a lunch today

I wanted to check what other ones they have sent me in the past few months and I saw this:

Then there was this one:

Those 3 commissions were from the last 3 months.

That adds up to around $400 in total.

Why Do I Share This?

While $400 isn't life-changing money by any means, consider this:

  • This came from a post that I haven't touched for 1,5 years! (I'll go to update it right now because it still says "2019 review")
  • This post has been giving commissions like this quite regularly.


Originally, this post (like many other ones) didn't produce any commissions and I thought it was a failure.

I've touted this message also before but I again want to remind this:

The work that you do today will pay you rewards for months and YEARS to come!

The biggest reason why most people don't reach their goals isn't that they wouldn't know the steps to do it.

You'll learn in Kyle's step-by-step training the system that is proven to make money.

But the challenge is that people have a tendency to quit. I thought also that this post didn't produce any results and I thought I had just wasted my time. But now that it has been live for a few years and I made a few small tweaks afterwards it has generated me thousands of dollars.

Making money online is 80% psychology and 20% tactics.

What Should You Do?

Understand that a lot of things that you do with your online business will not make you immediate returns BUT down the road they will pay you multiple rewards.

The time is on your side in many ways.

As the time passes, you'll also get more data on what works and what doesn't.

For example, I've noticed that this post / program converts especially well even though I haven't put literally any effort for 1,5 years.

So it tells me that if I want good returns on my invested time, I should create something similar. Or I may optimize the post a little bit to make conversions even better (that I'll actually do right away).


I feel that being in this "online space" for a while now has helped to develop that sense of patience that I didn't have when I got started. I was also expecting immediate returns.

Now when I do a certain action, I don't get frustrated because I understand that over the time course the work will bear fruits.

Just some reflections on my own journey and mental shifts...

I believe that experience helps a lot. Because if I say these things to you, they may not mean or feel so much to you.

But once you experience yourself that posts that you haven't updated for a looong time keep on making you money "on autopilot", you'll understand the long-term perspective even better. And if you have already experienced it yourself, I guess that you can relate?

It's Your Time!

- Roope "$195 commission dropped in by accident" Kiuttu

Don't assume that something something doesn't work if you don't get immediate results.

PS. For those people who are still thinking if Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is worth it or not, I want to say that just those 3 commissions from 1 blog post alone cover almost the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership for almost 1 year. Then add up all the other commissions...

UPDATE: That company still keeps on sending me money every month even though I haven't done anything for a long time. It's pretty awesome example that affiliate marketing works.

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Thanks so much for sharing this, very motivating.

I have seen the image you posted at the end of this blog a few times over the past year or so and each time I sit and stare at it for several minutes just wondering how many times in my life I've been the defeated guy walking away in the lower portion lol.

Online marketing certainly isn't going anywhere anytime soon, in fact with the world wide pandemic it is only growing. Having patience and biding one's time can really pay off, as you've clearly illustrated here.

Thanks again!
Best, Shannon

Hi Roope,
Again another winning article and an inspirational one too.

I've got some articles on my WA business website that are -34 years old, I think they will probably do better if I tweak them a little as I have matured a bit in these past years after I originally wrote them.

Thanks again for sharing.


Hey there! What serendipity! You know Kyle wrote a blog & I tried
(& did) respond by writing an inspirational piece. Whoever is
behind the scenes got annoyed-
erased my piece & wrote in big
red letters You Cannot Do This!
Now my imaginative writing has
disappeared! Alas! I wrote simply
I object. And who wouldn’t? Kyle
said to share stories or comments. I chose a story. It
made me sad because I wrote
it to inspire my fellow WA travelers. I enjoyed your message. I’m happy for your

Hmm.. Interesting.

I answered you twice more & got
erased. And that is my green
eye they have extrapolated!
Feel the need to erase this, too?

Great news Roope, exactly what relative newbies like myself need to hear, and to bear in mind.

My first website has been "parked" for nearly 6 months now and I'm now working on a hopefully more lucrative niche...MMO, including of course WA.

But the first one is making small amounts of commission now, and as it's about the sport I love, kitesurfing, I'm actually looking forward to adding posts and tweaking it. It's become a recreational site that I work on when I need to clear my mind.

And I've no doubt the commissions will grow over time. The first few months are definitely the time when we all need to focus on long term goals and remember that once it's published it's out there forever.

Continued success to you my good friend!

Yes time helps often in many ways. More experience gives a better perspective because it helps to understand how results often come over time.

One way to drive traffic to your posts is also through pay per click. For example, if you have one post that is converting organically, the chances are that you'll make "easy profits" by driving cheap traffic to that post through PPC on Bing Ads.

Good tip Roope, I'll look into it when the time is right.

Hi Roope,

I started my first website in Jan 2020, in March 2020 sales started coming in, and till now I get 2-3 sales per month steady. All of those from 1 post out of 20.

Your post today tells me that the other 19 posts are future income generators, justing waiting to mature.

Thank you,

Yes exactly. If there are affiliate links they can definitely generate money down the road!

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